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Canada and Mexico's electricity purchase agreement market will promote the development of renewable energy

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-04 15:51:19

Despite the recent slowdown in trade flows, Canada's renewable electricity purchasers have "more sincerity" than their American counterparts. Alberta, Canada, plans to replace 6.3GW coal capacity by 2030, this amazing initiative will greatly stimulate the country's natural gas and renewable energy market development. At the same time, Mexico's corporate procurement market is picking up slowly as acquisitions are gradually adapting to new energy reform policies.


In 2016, the costs of wind power and solar power generator were stabilized at $ 63-106 / MWh and $ 140-180 / MWh, respectively, under the Canada Electricity Purchase Agreement. In addition, the duration of the Canadian electricity purchase agreement is being gradually extended, which will further optimize the local renewable energy project financing conditions. We believe that there will be an increase in activities in the future of Alberta's wind and photovoltaic sector in British Columbia, where British Columbia will continue to support hydropower development, while Quebec and Ontario expect local electricity demand to keep pace with the electricity supply increase.


Mexico's energy reforms will change the way buyers buy electricity. In the past, large consumers could only purchase electricity from independent power plants (IPPs) with specific licenses. Under the new rules, purchasers who want to buy electricity from a third party must either participate directly in the wholesale electricity market or through an energy aggregator.


Mexico's electricity wholesale market was established in January 2016, is still in a fairly early stage. The changes and uncertainties brought about by the energy reforms will delay the development of the local power purchase agreement market in the short term until the transition is truly complete and the energy market can guarantee a certain level of liquidity.


In the first half of 2016, new investment in wind power and solar generator in Canada will decline sharply in 2015 after a stable period of 2010-2014. Expected investment in 2016 will once again fall. In 2015, the Mexican renewable energy industry attracted a record $ 4 billion, showing very good potential, but investment in early 2016 did not continue to maintain good momentum.



Several sets of data:


Alberta, Canada, will soon be 2030 years ago by natural gas and renewable energy capacity of alternative coal capacity proportion.


$ 86 / MWh

The average contract price for a 20-year wind project in Ontario, Canada, in the first half of 2016.


$ 140 / MW

2016 in the first half, Ontario, Canada 20-year average contract price of photovoltaic solar backup generator projects.

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