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California Electric Car

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-07-10 13:16:12
Incentives for the purchase of a plug-in battery-powered vehicle continue to be a powerful motivation to get new buyers to consider electric cars.

The federal income-tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500 has long been supplemented by various state programs, including a purchase rebate in the crucial California market.

Now the California Clean Vehicle Rebate program is putting new applicants for its "check in the mail" incentives onto a waiting list.
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Program administrators say that even though California governor Jerry Brown recently signed the most recent state budget, it did not include funds for the rebate program.

As CarsDirect explains, the means the program is nearing the end of its existing funding, which provides $2,500 to solar power batteries electric car buyers and $1,500 for plug-in hybrid purchases.

So, since June 30, administrators at the Center for Sustainable Energy have been putting the most recent applicants into a queue to ensure they only issue rebates up to the amount currently funded.

2013 Fiat 500e electric car, Los Angeles drive event, April 20132013 Fiat 500e electric car, Los Angeles drive event, April 2013Enlarge Photo
The one exception is low-income buyers, who get priority for the rebates. The program was restructured last year to boost electric-car purchase incentives for lower-income drivers.

Buyers whose applications were received before June 30 can expect to receive their checks, but the fate of rebates for buyers since then is somewhat less certain.

"FY 2016-17 funding will be exhausted before FY 2017-18 funds will be appropriated and allocated to the project," according to the program website—meaning a delay that could well stretch into months for the most recent applicants.

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A program representative suggests that it expects the state legislature to figure out how to maintain the program by mid-September.

The legislative session ends on September 15, so the hiatus could last at least two months if the decision comes down to the wire.

This isn't the first time rebate applicants have been put on a list, however, rather than receiving their checks within a few weeks.
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