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Brazil Solar With Government Support

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-18 13:51:17
Reporter visited South America in two weeks time, can deeply feel South America as a new energy developed areas of the geographical and climatic advantages, as well as its vigorous development, booming industrial impetus, wind energy, bio-energy and solar energy three industry first to move forward, In the South American energy in the proportion of rising, have reached the world leading level. As Mr. Maarten Bijl, CEO of Hewlett-Packard (China) Investment Co. Ltd., said, "The Internet of things" has changed the way the world's traditional energy use, the entire energy industry is in an exciting time.

Solar energy: the Government to support efforts particularly large. Brazil solar so "grounding gas", its docking with the sports industry contributed. Minero Stadium is the world's first use of solar-powered stadium, the famous Maracana stadium and the National Stadium in 2016 was also installed a large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation equipment.
large  distrubition solar power systems
The Brazilian portable solar power generator solar energy industry is linked to the hydropower industry: the Balbina reservoir on the Amazon River is currently building the world's largest water solar power station, the project installed capacity of 350MW.

According to President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of China, President Tang Kaiqian introduced the government to take the form of auction to attract more private and foreign-funded enterprises to participate in the construction of solar photovoltaic industry, to give tax concessions, small-scale residential solar power, can also help the Brazilian government Distribution of installed capacity.

Bio-energy: bio-fuel production in South America, the world's first to South America, the Guangzhou Daily reporter learned that: bio-energy is not what high-precision side, tall on the technology industry, but with the ordinary agricultural planting closely related to the "ground Gas "industry. From Brazil, Argentina to Chile, Peru, the vast continent of South America on the sugar cane as a green sea, planted area, scale is better than China Guangdong, Guangxi, from the aircraft, the car can be clear at a glance, for biofuels provide a good Foundations and Raw Materials.
Brazil Solar With Government Support
Reporters found that bio-use in South America more widely, the development of more mature. BP, Hiwell and other international companies in an interview made it clear that bio-fuels in South America has exceeded the level of development in Europe, the United States and other developed countries the level of development of similar products, biofuel production in South America up to 202.94 million tons, The sum of the first two. Argentina is also the development of bio-fuels as an important national development strategy, from 2008 to 2013, Argentina biodiesel production capacity increased nearly tenfold, there are 23 biodiesel plants.

Why is biofuels in Brazil growing fast? Guangdong Gold Investment Group General Manager Chen Zhihao concluded that, in addition to a vast territory, rich geographical advantages of agricultural products, or government support and support, it is worth the Chinese government around the reference.

Wind energy: Brazilian energy will account for 10% of the wind energy is the most promising development of the South American industry. Reporter found that the vast South American land, from the southwestern waterfalls of the Andes mountains, to the northeast of the Amazon River in the middle and lower reaches of the region, throughout the large number of large-scale wind power plants, a power plant "windmill" equipment often Up to hundreds, from the aircraft overlooking the scene spectacular.

Renobrax, a Brazilian company that is a new international energy company with wind and solar power batteries solar energy, says its chief executive, Cedric Faustino, said in an interview. , Brazil's current wind power installed capacity of 7200 trillion, according to the current rate of development in the next two years will reach 10% of Brazil's total energy ratio to 2020 will reach 25,000 megawatts. Wind energy and solar energy, infrastructure costs are very low, such as in Brazil, a 1 million kilowatts of wind power generation project investment equivalent to 13 million yuan, a 100 million kilowatts of solar power generation project investment is 900 million.
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