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Boston Battery "Double-100" Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-06 14:11:17

Dr. Yuan, general manager of Beijing Literature Boston battery engineering, recently one of the important work is to share in China's electric car category sales more than 10% market share of new ocean-known beans pure electric vehicles (EcoEV), provide "double-100" lifepo4 batteries . Ocean known as the new bean pure electric vehicles preferred supplier, Boston batteries annually to new ocean pure electric vehicle "know beans" brand, providing 30,000 "Knowing beans battery pack."

July 10 this year, according to the implementation of the "New pure electric passenger car business regulations", the Ministry of Development and Reform Commission will be the original "double 80" up to the "double-100." "New Ocean has developed a new line with '100 bis' - at up to 100 km / h, mileage> 100 km of the new platform requirements, Boston battery is for the platform to develop a new battery pack." Court Literature, said: "This is a physical, chemical double out of work, designed for battery-known Boston beans upgraded design and development of new high-energy density of the battery pack solutions."

With the March 27, the Ministry issued "vehicle battery industry standard conditions," research report predicts that by 2015, the number of Chinese power lithium battery business will be reduced from 84-40, the number of firms reduced by 50%. China Merchants Securities believes that the law of survival of the fittest in the market, as a leading domestic ternary system Li-ion battery, battery Boston, will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this industry outbreak and specification phase.

In addition, the Ministry disclosed on August 6, the first half of China's lithium-ion battery manufacturers, totaled main revenue grew 17.4%, total profit increased by 72.8%, to complete the total taxes increased by 43.1%. Thanks to new energy vehicles in 2015 has entered the booming sales of the outbreak. According to the relevant institutions predict that by 2015, new energy automobile market demand of 25 million. Following this, the annual demand for lithium is expected to be 14.1Gwh, an increase of + 220% (the investment of new energy automotive industry chain colored thematic -20,150,224).

The Boston and New ocean collaboration will enable the two sides in the Chinese electric car industry chain, to obtain scale advantages. Boston battery in Taiwan, Liyang and manufacturing facilities, and will also establish a super batteries factory. In related news, the company is implementing a total investment of $ 500 million expansion of Liyang plant construction; at the same time, in northwest China market, actively follow up the new ocean in Boston, supporting new ocean 40,000 units / year Eco-EV factories, in Lanzhou build battery pack and portable solar power generator factory.

Beijing battery technology company Boston from Boston. Its unique composite three yuan lithium battery technology for electric vehicles developed proprietary property of the monomer energy densities up 207wh / kg, calendar life of more than 8 years in -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C window work, with excellent high temperature performance of lithium-ion battery. Relying on the company in Boston and Beijing has two R & D centers of research and development strength, its products through rigorous testing at home and abroad more than twenty OEMs and successfully implement the new ocean, wind off, Nanjing Jinlong, so the whole Greenwheel bulk supply depot. And cooperation with Taiwan to party won the Australian energy storage project, the layout of the success of new energy storage fields.
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