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Bosch Abandon EV Battery Manufacturing

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-03-05 12:30:15
Analysts said Bosch last month decided to abandon EV battery manufacturing, underscoring the challenges players face in an increasingly crowded market.

"This is a fairly bold step by Bosch," said Mitalee Gupta, energy storage analyst GTM Research, after Germany multinational announced its abandonment of the internal battery manufacturing.
Bosch Abandon EV Battery Manufacturing
"But," she said, "it's important to understand that there is a capital investment needed at the battery and battery level to meet the growing battery needs of the EV and fixed energy storage markets."

Building on the new Gigafactories that battery makers have put millions of dollars around the world, new entrants may find it hard to get into the market, Gupta said.

She said: "Unless a company launches new, commercially viable chemicals or makes significant strides in energy density improvements, the lithium-ion battery market will dominate primarily with Chinese and Korean manufacturers."

Bosch had hoped that the next generation of solid-state lithium-ion batteries would be cracked by Seeo and the United States would start. In 2015, Bosch bought Seeo and has now sold it. Reuters report Seeo "There are already potential buyers."
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