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Bicycles Trend In China

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-03-10 13:08:00
March of Beijing, the weather warmer, sunny, so that the public feel happy. Such a good weather naturally can not stay at home. In the streets, riding a bike to travel people constitute a flow of the landscape. Especially the style of fashion, beautiful color of the motorbike bike, like an orange storm grab the limelight.

Reporters pay attention to observe some later found that the streets of the motorbike bicycles, in addition to a large number of classic version, there are many styles look more light lite light riding version. Moreover, and the classic version of different, Mumbai Qingqi equipped with a very stable car chain, also installed a metal car basket. However, there is a doubts also arise in the minds of journalists: there is no manpower-driven power generation device, that motorcycles Cycles lightly riding smart locks from where the power from it?

Bicycles Trend In China

Secret carved bike green travel: the basket has a solar charging board. Mokai cycling staff, then quickly confused the hearts of journalists swept away - the original, all secret hidden in the new car basket. It is understood that the motorcycles Cyclops ridicule to cancel the motorcycles cycling classic version of the rear wheel of the power drum, replaced by a car in the basket of solar panels. This technology is very advanced portable solar power generator solar panels, to ensure the stability of the smart lock and reliable operation. In fact, with solar panels power supply, is also a long-term research and development technology. Committed to the bike to return to the city of the motorcycles cycling, environmental protection, green travel technology level, what technology and big strokes did not release it?

If you can find it carefully enough, the concept of environmental protection, cycling bike has been rooted in the enterprise gene. Such as its physical trampling cycling power generation technology, solar power batteries panels power generation; and then its body using aluminum material, not easy to rust; tire with explosion-proof tires, no need to inflate the inner tube. These are the motorcycles cycling more efficient, easy to damage, the utilization rate and longer life. Green travel itself contains the energy efficiency, energy conservation, efficiency and so on, these aspects, Murray do are called very well.

During the two sessions, environmental travel has become one of the theme of the conference. Mumbai cycling and the first to set an example, in a number of cities opened during the two free riding activities, help national fitness, advocate green travel. To reduce the city congestion, air pollution, resource consumption and so have made no small contribution. It is understood that the motorcycles also launched a trip on the green travel (polo bike) questionnaire, through the questionnaire to further collect the user's pain points and suggestions on the cycling bike, through product upgrades to further improve people riding horse worship, green Travel passion.

Riding is a way that environmental protection is an attitude. Read these above, you are not also want to quickly join the shared cycling family, blue sky for the more blue, clean water to do a more contribution to it? Then hurry up action it.
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