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Beck Automation Installs Fixed Energy Storage For BMW

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-11-23 10:13:41
Germany's Beck Automation has installed a fixed energy storage system for the BMW Group using 36 BMW i3 battery packs with a power of 42 kWh. The installation of the energy storage system will reduce the peak load of the grid and support electric vehicles with a fast charging power of up to 360 kW.

In addition, Beck's energy storage units are modular and mobile, and BMW can be installed anywhere. The energy storage expert said that the purpose of establishing a partnership is to develop an economically viable concept that can buffer grid pressure during rapid vehicle charging.
Beck Automation Installs Fixed Energy Storage For BMW
The system is equipped with 36 BMW i3 batteries with a power of 42 kWh and a maximum capacity of approximately 1.5 MWh. According to Beck Automation, the system can charge three electric vehicles at the same time, and can provide charging connectors that comply with CCS 1, CCS 2, GB/T (China) and Japan Charging Association (CHAdeMO) standards, requiring only low voltage. It can be connected to the energy storage device to balance the grid pressure (adjust the peak demand for electricity).

According to Beck, the system has "optimized packaging energy density", which means that the high-capacity high-power charging capacity system is suitable for small spaces such as parking spaces. Moreover, the modular system encases 42 battery packs into a 20 foot tall cube that resembles a container used by workers on construction sites. All of the multi-function power storage systems offered by Beck use the original BMW i3 battery.

But Beck is not the only company that uses the BMW i3 battery to build an energy storage system. The US EVgo company has also entered a similar field, and its fast charging station in San Diego, California, also uses the BMW i3's recycled battery as a backup battery. In addition, Princeton Power Systems supplies inverter hardware for Beck and integrates the inverter and BMW battery pack into the working system. Auckland Kisensum has developed software controls for charging management device installation and management software integration.
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