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Battle With Battery Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-03-01 12:52:02
Like hours after the parliamentary speech on the Union's faith and commitment to the free market, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced in the memory of the largest federal government to buy a $ 6.2 billion acquisition - Snow Mountain Hydro.

The agreement to acquire shares held by the New South Wales and Victorian governments changed the federal government from 13% to full ownership and exercised overall control over Turnbull's Big Vanity Plan decision- This $ 6.5 billion project ($ 2).
battery storage
Given the fourth largest "hit brand", Turnbull controls in the country to over 1 million customers. From now on, this is the electricity bill for the size clients that the Turnbull administration will be directly responsible for.

The deal has been well marked but caused countless problems and potential problems and conflicts of interest, some of which will be difficult Turnbull and government navigation, which is crucial to Snow Hydro's competitors, Especially solar power generator battery storage industry.

Most importantly, there is a clear conflict of interest between the key decision makers that Turnbull will need to address, and now has the largest fourth generation in the country.

Just as he proposed a new energy market mechanism, namely the national energy security, the only obvious beneficiaries are the snow hydropower and the existing coal-fired generators.

Due to the owners and decision makers, Turnbull is now to be directly responsible for the red energy and LUMO Stables electricity bill for a million customers and to exert a wholesale market on Snow Mountain Hydropower and make its retail profits.

And, it is worth noting that Snow Mountain Hydro is not yet very clean in the wholesale market, and is the peaking plant itself, which has been largely for the past two years the owner of the great rise in wholesale prices.

This report from the Australian energy operator - we write here "high energy prices"? Blame it on fossil fuel generators instead of renewable energy - giving a deep understanding of how snow and gas boosted prices earlier in the year.
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