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Battery-Powered Solar Charging Circuit Time Switch

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-16 16:47:06
solar chargedThis guide explains how to create a time-switching battery-powered solar charging circuit to power Arduino Uno and some peripherals (sensors, communication modules, etc.).

If you want to design a remote data logger, power is always a problem. Most of the time no power outlet is available, which forces you to use some batteries to power your circuit. But in the end your device will go out the battery ... you do not want to go there for a fee, right? As a result, the solar powered portable generator harging circuit is proposed to use the free energy from the sun for charging the battery and powering your beloved Arduino.

Another problem you have to face is the efficiency of Arduino. It consumes a lot of battery even if you put it to sleep. As described in the Arduino website (http://playground.arduino.cc/Learning/ArduinoSleepCode), sleep is typically used to save power on the Arduino board, but for some Arduino variants there is no benefit such as Arduino strings The line and USB boards use a 7805-type power conditioner, which requires 10 mA when the Atmega IC is in Idle mode. Placing these boards in sleep will reduce the total power consumption by a few mA, but it is still high. "

If you use your own power supply bypass bypass regulator, or use a circuit board with a fairly efficient power supply (such as Arduino Pro), sleep is beneficial for reducing power consumption and extending battery life. When using some lithium-ion battery, the regulator can even be completely removed.

But most of the time, you do not want to use your welding technology directly at Arduino Uno, or do not want to buy more energy-efficient equipment. If this is your case, this guide is for you.

Another problem is that even if your Arduino is sleeping, your sensor may still be active, draining your battery. Thus, a timer circuit is added to the solar rechargeable battery, which powers the Arduino for only a few seconds and then turns off again to save power. It fits your microcontroller only to read some sensors, transfer or save data, and return to sleep for a few minutes of the application.
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