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Battery manufacturers concerns and Two major market patterns

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 11:10:30

Last year, the Ministry of Industry issued the "lithium-ion battery industry standard conditions" on the scale of production and technology in the clear requirements of "enterprises should adopt advanced technology, energy saving, safety and stability, high degree of automation of production processes and equipment", but also require manufacturers to speed up The development of power battery product performance, coding, size specifications and a series of standards. The battery usually could be used in solar powered portable generator.battery manufacture


This shows that the state in promoting the new energy automotive industry chain of collaborative development of confidence and determination.


At present, the power battery market is generally showing a small batch of multi-species market characteristics, indicating the lack of uniform production standards in the industry. Should the lack of versatility of the battery, you can not achieve standardization, large-scale production, which invisible also increased the battery production costs.


At the same time, due to the battery charge and discharge performance indicators, there are differences, making charging pile also presents a wide range of customized features, so that battery manufacturers, system integrators, vehicle companies and battery recycling companies are eager to further unify the battery specifications Size, so the development and implementation of power battery standards should be delayed as soon as possible.


With the power of automated assembly technology to enhance the automation and the popularity of high-end equipment, power battery business awareness of it is also increasing.


Last year, a number of domestic enterprises have been equipped with a fully automated module production lines, production capacity and product quality has been significantly expanded and enhanced.It’s good news to LiFePo4 batteries production.


On the market demand, the battery module and PACK production equipment from the current form of small quantities and more varieties to the future of mass standardization, the solution will be the development of battery manufacturers focus, at the same time, the battery business select automation module and PACK production line, not only for investment and return, it is the long-term development of strategic layout.
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