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Battery Technology Innovation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-28 18:23:00

In addition to single poly dispute, high-profile and battery technology innovation.


In recent years, many domestic and foreign manufacturers to compete in the PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) battery R & D and production, power loss, high attenuation, low yields and was gradually overcome, the conversion efficiency of the battery is also rising.


As early as 2008, in the PERC battery to get involved in the solar power generator, after trying a variety of technical programs, the experimental assessment of the mass production. In Zhenjiang solar energy company in February 2016 officially launched the efficient battery project -- PERC+ black polycrystalline silicon technology, to achieve the same scale of production, the battery efficiency of more than 20% components, power 285W, and launched a large-scale orders. Trina Solar also announced in July this year, the average conversion efficiency of the company's P type polycrystalline PERC battery up to 20.16%.


PERC battery boom, but also forced the rapid iteration of the surrounding manufacturers of technology. In October 12th this year, Heraeus photovoltaic appeared a new generation of high positive conductive silver paste to mass production, PERC battery. Heraeus photovoltaic CTO Dr. Zhang Weiming said: "the research and development work is almost 24 hours non-stop all day long, the new rapid investment also shows that the coordination and effectiveness of the enterprise research and development network." 


Asia based consulting statistics show that as of the first half of 2016, the world's mainstream solar battery manufacturers have carried out the research and development of PERC technology, most manufacturers to achieve the PERC battery production and bulk supply. The entire P type crystalline silicon solar cell industry transfers to the PERC process, which brings the market opportunity for the PERC special conductive paste, passivation equipment and laser equipment manufacturer.

China's clean energy consumption is more than 19.8%

 solar power generator

The German machinery manufacturers association (VDMA) the 7th road map also predicted that PERC, PERT, PERL, N type single crystal silicon wafer solar power battery technology and battery technology and copper wire bonding technology will greatly improve. Solar cells in the future, must also move the production process more energy, the product itself is more efficient, large-scale centralized direction, any violation of the above characteristics of enterprises want to get enough chips in the market is almost impossible. A way of technological development is easily move, but do not rule out the emergence of Apple's mobile phone market suddenly phenomenon: the emergence of a new technology, with the lowest cost and highest efficiency to completely subvert the people's imagination.


In any case, the trend of new energy sources to replace traditional energy has become more and more obvious. "12th Five-Year" period, energy consumption per unit of GDP Chinese decreased by 18.2%, carbon dioxide emissions decreased by about 20%, which exceeded the planning target "in 12th Five-Year, and to 3.6% annual energy consumption growth to achieve the China national economic growth of 7.8%. The first three quarters of this year, the proportion of natural gas and non fossil energy consumption to further increase to 19.8%, non fossil energy power generation increased by 14.4%, energy structure continued to optimize.


The national climate change strategy research and international cooperation center director Li Junfeng also said that in Denmark and Germany, the clean energy consumption has exceeded 40% (which is the German natural gas consumption), which is the fundamental reason for their air quality.


"To reduce energy consumption is more difficult, clean, low carbon is one of the direction we should consider." He said that if you want to achieve more than 40% of the proportion of new energy consumption, like use solar energy by solar backup generator the time may be around 2050. After the entry into force of the "renewable energy law", in recent years the new energy market, the market also appeared in ", but to achieve parity, make low carbon and clean enough living space, the development of renewable energy still cannot do without the support of the government, now is not to worry too much." Li Junfeng said.

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