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Battery Storage To Cut Cost

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-01-16 11:51:00
When the grid was designed and built at the beginning of the twentieth century, the energy needs of each country were very different. In recent years, the use of smart grids and the convergence of portable solar power generator renewable energies have created the need for rapid modernization of traditional infrastructure. Industry experts have argued that industrial-scale high-capacity storage batteries will improve the safety and reliability of power grids and promote the integration of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power batteries. In fact, many people said that if you do not use large-scale energy storage technology, will not be able to transition to renewable energy. But the high-capacity battery prices have been high, people prohibitive.
Battery Storage To Cut Cost
Now, the new low-cost battery materials are the grid-scale large-capacity battery to the market. Moody's investment services company data show that the price of high-capacity battery in the past 5 years, down 50%. Experts estimate that at least three private companies are providing high-capacity batteries for utility equipment.

"When the ARPA-E began to focus on grid storage, we realized that the price had to drop to one-tenth of the current level to make the battery commercially viable," said Allen Williams, head of ARPA-E. "We've been investing in innovative battery storage, and we've really found a way to cut costs."

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