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Battery Storage For Wind Farm

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-06-27 12:20:26
The battery designed to store the energy generated by the offshore wind drift wind farm off the coast of Scotland was successfully installed on June 27 and was hailed by developers Masdar and Equinor (formerly the Norwegian national oil company) as "the world's first."
Battery Storage For Wind Farm 00
Masdar Renewable Energy, headquartered in Equinor, Norway and Abu Dhabi, launched the world’s first battery connected to the Scottish wind farm. The battery system was designed and developed by German-American battery storage integrator Younicos.

The 1.2MW battery storage system, known as Batwind, is the world's first system connected to offshore wind farms. The battery project was built on land about 15 miles away from the clean power of five floating turbine generators.
Developers said that the battery system aims to eliminate power generation peaks and valleys to maximize the efficiency and commercial value of the 30MW Hywind floating wind project.
Battery Storage For Wind Farm
The 1 megawatt battery will be used to store electricity when the wind blows and release it to the national grid when it is most needed. This provides a reliable and intelligent way of supporting supply and demand.

For solar power generator battery projects, Younicos Y Cubes - Modular battery pack - has been installed at the Hywind Scottish Substation in Peterhead. Younicos general manager Karim Wazni said: "The software will tell when the battery stores the electricity and when and when it was stored and when and when it was injected into the grid."
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