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Battery Standard Changes So Fast

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 13:28:03
evRecently, the Ministry of Industry announced the "automobile power battery industry standard conditions" directory of the third installment. According to the provisions of the new energy automotive products in order to obtain subsidies, the use of the battery must come from the list of 25 local enterprises. While the current general use of new energy vehicles, Japanese and Korean batteries are not included in the directory. At present, in the sale of cars in July 2017 to complete the rectification of the battery; since July 1 this year, the new declaration models must choose to enter the directory of the battery brand.

I believe that the current directory of enterprises in terms of quality or capacity of the battery, the short term can not meet the demand. Relevant departments, "one size fits all" management approach, the new energy vehicles in terms of enterprises or difficult to consume.

Forming new energy automotive products replace the battery costs are high, long cycle. As the engine of the fuel vehicles, power batteries is the new energy vehicles, "the heart", the cost accounted for about half of a car, the importance of self-evident. On the other hand, a new energy vehicles from the initial design concept to the product market, to go through the design, development, manufacturing and other processes, the lifepo4 battery pack to experience the choice of power battery products, build battery management system, testing and debugging. The whole process to spend a long time and a lot of manpower and resources.

Replace the electric car battery, the test, loading, vehicle re-testing of this complex process need to be re-taken. Vehicle business has been forming products on the "heart" surgery, even aside the cost aside, after the new "heart" is competent, is also facing a big question mark.

Mandatory to set the time to choose domestic batteries, restricting the development of new energy vehicles. At present, the battery technology is still Sony, Samsung and other Japanese and Korean brands in the world. Domestic new energy car enterprises in the battery, motor, electronic control of the three core technologies, compared with the international level there are still gaps. In addition to the battery started BYD, the domestic research and development of rare battery business. For this reason, the new energy vehicles heavily dependent on foreign enterprises battery products. As most foreign companies are not in the directory within the battery, vehicle companies to obtain subsidies, had to replace the foreign battery for the domestic battery.

Short-term implementation of the "one size fits all" standard will exacerbate the phenomenon of new energy vehicles are hard to find cars. At present, the new energy vehicle production stagnation, many areas of "no concessions, no cars, most of the brand new energy vehicles have to wait," the phenomenon, the main reason is due to the core components of electric vehicles - power battery supply capacity More limited. Investment Advisor in the Industrial Research Center has predicted in 2015 China's power lithium battery demand of about 12.5gwh, but as of the end of 2015, the actual production capacity of lifepo4 battery only 5gwh. When the internal supply is insufficient, the temporary "take-ism" may be a good medicine.
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