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Battery Safety Comparison

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 18:04:09

Nickel cobalt manganese oxide (ternary) batteries


In practical theory can be greatly improved than the energy, compared with lithium cobalt oxide batteries, can better play a high-capacity role, but from the material point of view, ternary batteries and nickel-cobalt manganese oxide lithium organic Electrolyte, not yet fundamentally solve the security problem, if the battery short-circuit will generate by talking about too much current, causing a security risk.


Lithium iron phosphate battery ( LiFePO4 batteries)


Theoretical capacity is 170mAh / g, made of material the actual capacity of up to 160mAh / g. In terms of safety, LiFePO4 is highly stable and low in electrolyte oxidation resistance, so it usually use in solar power generator, but the defect is low conductivity, large volume, large amount of electrolyte, the battery capacity is poor, the consistency of the battery is poor.


Lithium cobalt oxide battery


In the preparation of the most important feature is that after the full charge, there are still a large number of lithium ions remain in the cathode, that is, in the negative electrode can not accommodate more positive electrode attached to the lithium ion, but in the overcharged state, The excess lithium ions on the positive electrode will still swim toward the negative pole, which can not be fully accommodated to form metallic lithium on the negative electrode. Since the metallic lithium is dendritic crystal, it is called dendrites, and once formed, Piercing the diaphragm provides an opportunity for the diaphragm to pierce to form an internal short circuit. As the electrolyte is the main component of carbonate, flash point and low boiling point, at high temperatures will burn or even explosion. Control of lithium dendrite formation in the small-capacity lithium battery is relatively easy, so lithium cobalt oxide battery is currently limited to portable electronic devices and other small-capacity batteries, can not be used for power battery. So it is not like lifepo4 battery, and its not good use in solar powered portable generator.


Lithium manganese oxide battery


Lithium manganese oxide battery material has a certain advantage, it can ensure that the full power state, the cathode of the lithium-ion can be completely embedded in the anode carbon hole, rather than as lithium cobalt oxide in the cathode as there is a certain residue, which from the fundamental On the avoidance of dendrites generation, in theory, in fact, lithium manganese batteries, if subjected to strong external force or in the preparation process jerry can cause the battery charge and discharge cycle in the process of instantaneous formation of lithium-ion fast-moving. Dendrites are formed in the case where the negative electrode does not have enough time to fully accept lithium ions. Avoid this effect from the battery factory to ensure that the test. In short, the detection of qualified lithium manganese oxide battery generally does not occur safety incidents, lithium manganese oxide structure of the stable oxidation performance is much lower than lithium cobalt oxide, even if the external short circuit, but also to avoid the precipitation of metal lithium-induced combustion and explosion.

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