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Battery Revolution In Nevada

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-11 19:29:58

TeslaMention of the name of # Tesla and immediate reaction is likely to be on their electric vehicle. But car makers set up "Gigafactory" to offer more stylish car batteries in the vast desert of Nevada. Tesla is becoming a huge change in command of death involving # solar power and under the leadership of the national grid.

The key will make the lifepo4 batteries storage affordable

All the key players in the energy space, whether it is able to # battery technology at a reasonable cost to meet the growing demand for power storage. Tesla has begun selling their Powerpacks ($47000 price tag) to utility providers and Powerwalls (priced at $3000) such as the SolarCity home energy generator.

Tesla announced in June that they will acquire SolarCity highlights in a rapidly changing energy market with a $2 billion 800 million acquisition, their intentions. As more and more consumers in their homes to install solar panels, highly regulated utilities are forced to reduce the return on investment in solar owners to avoid losing money.

This new development is leading the solar industry to take a closer look at the battery storage technology, which will allow homeowners to maintain their power, rather than return to the utility. It is this new trend, known as the "behind the meter" in the solar system, Tesla is seeking to use.
But the problem of solar cell energy storage is complex. Careful calibration of the software is necessary to balance the communication between the necessary solar panels, the utilities, and the power inverter to manage these two. If there is no proper management, a battery can quickly wear this is the owner spent only $3000 do not want to see.
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