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Battery Recyle For New Energy Used Cars

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 09:10:51
Writer went to Beijing last weekend to visit a used car market, although do not know the car, but there are new discoveries, second-hand car market is not a business in the sale of new energy vehicles. I asked a store business, shopping guide seems to think that there is no need to answer this question, shook his head directly said: "No no, if you have to sell on behalf of."
new energy car
This also attracted the curiosity of the author home on the Internet to a relatively large scale of the used car network, the site I saw a few are selling second-hand new energy vehicles, are models of the Beijing EV1602015 pure electric vehicles, On the card time is more than a year, driving mileage up to only 3.5 km, at least only 0.6 km, look at the price is sixty or seventy thousand yuan, the car's original price is 9 million, obviously used On the price, preservation rate is very low. Then the problem came, the second half of 2016, the first batch of new energy vehicles has just begun to enter the replacement period, the general second-hand car dealers refused to accept the attitude of new energy vehicles, even if the acquisition will be very low price pressure. New energy used cars go from here?

New energy used cars do not market, hedging rate is very low? I believe that the main problem lies in the solar power batteries are not a good maintenance and replacement services. It is understood that the battery accounted for half of the cost of pure electric vehicle. The battery itself is vulnerable consumables, life expectancy of 5 to 8 years, after repeated charge and discharge, the capacity will gradually decline, the mileage will also be reduced accordingly. More reflects the mileage is pure electric vehicle fatal short board.

The current recycling problem has always been the battery industry's persistent. From the electric bicycle market will be able to see out of the battery recycling system a mess, no management.

Although the last two years, the battery has been repeatedly raised the issue of pollution, a number of enterprises and battery associations are constantly calling for the introduction of battery recycling standards and systems, but has not introduced a mandatory standard and the formation of a virtuous recovery system.
In recent years, camel batteries, sailing batteries, ultra-Granville batteries, BYD and many other leading battery companies in the battery recycling up and down a lot of effort, recycling technology is quite mature, corporate energy saving has also achieved no small effect, However, the regular army's power or can not stop the existence of the battery recycling black market. Insiders have reflected in the market, most of the batteries are eliminated by the self-employed to go away, and its recycling approach is difficult to track.

Seemingly far away. In fact, if the battery recycling problem is not resolved, then the second-hand electric car is a pile of scrap once broken.

The author believes that the lifepo4 battery pack must take the closed-loop management, that is, follow the "production - sales - use - reuse" benign track to seek standardized and orderly development. A battery from birth must be affixed to their ID card label, and finally to be recovered by the manufacturer. easy to say, hard to do. To solve the battery recycling problem of reliable way, have to rely on the government of the visible hand. Under the great determination to make great efforts to eradicate the current chaotic battery recycling market.

In addition, I also believe that the most feasible approach is the battery and new energy vehicles to reach a consensus recycling companies to jointly provide consumers with a reasonable price replacement battery services. Beiqi new energy in the end of August this year, the introduction of new energy vehicles replacement policy to the local market price of 45% to 55% of the hands of consumers in the recycling of new energy vehicles, while subsidies 5,000. Prior to this, Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen brand launched the first electric car Morrowind, the commitment to use 5 years later, Dongfeng Nissan official repurchase price will not be less than 55,000 yuan. BYD also started last year in Shenzhen as a pilot city, the purchase price of new energy used cars can be up to 85% of purchase price. In the current second-hand car market for new energy vehicles indifference, the official repurchase action for the owner, is undoubtedly the Gospel.
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