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Battery Net Metering

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-04-09 12:08:45
The net amount of electricity compensates solar consumers for their contribution to the grid - but if they transmit electricity via batteries, their luck is bad.

Utilities can understand that they don't want to pay for the net metering cost of grid rechargeable batteries. So far, this means that solar energy storage batteries used for later use also cannot obtain net metering funds. Once the California Public Utilities Commission responds to a petition that is unusually supported by the solar industry and utilities, the situation will change.
Battery Net Metering
"If I don't charge from your power, if I only charge from a solar power generator battery, then the battery is basically an accessory to the solar system," said Joshua Weiner, president of the design engineering company SepiSolar, specializing in solar plus storage. The policies support this. [...] Someone only needs to say that this is permissible. ".

If certified solar cells are available for payment, they may have a wide-ranging impact on solar customers and household appliances seeking a balanced and reliable renewable grid, releasing market signals.

California's shift to new usage time prices reduced the value of solar energy at noon because it submerged the wires and increased the price of electricity in the evening. This means reducing the return on investment of traditional solar customers, who can only export when the sun is shining, and then must buy electricity at night.

If allowed, those who paired the solar panel with the battery can store the noon time and sell it to the grid at peak usage rates. This personal profit solves the systemic challenge: the dreaded "duck song."
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