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Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 10:44:08

Since its inception in 1990, lithium batteries because of its high energy density, high voltage, environmental protection, long life and fast charging, etc., by the 3C digital, power tools and other industries sought after, especially the contribution of the new energy automotive industry is particularly prominent, now it will gradually with BMS use in solar power generation.


As a source of new energy vehicles, lithium battery industry, a huge potential market, not only an important part of national strategic development, the next 5 to 10 years, the industry chain will achieve the ecological self-improvement and development of the industry, the industry is expected to break through 160 billion yuan.


As we all know, from the lithium battery cell to the automation module to the PACK production line to the entire process, the assembly line of automation is to determine the quality of products and production efficiency of the important factors.


In recent years, with the increase in experience and automation integration capabilities, the domestic high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises in creating power battery automatic / semi-automatic assembly line, automation equipment integration, information collection and transmission (MES), unmanned workshop Hardware management systems and other aspects of flex its muscles and occupy a space for one person.


Lithium battery module is a few to hundreds of battery cells through the parallel and series composed of multiple modules, in addition to the design part, coupled with the battery management system and thermal management system can form a more complete lithium battery package system, usually our LiFePO4 battery pack.battery module


In general, whether it is soft bag, square, cylindrical or 18650-type battery, the module of the automated assembly process is starting from the core feeding. Incoming materials can be provided by the original packaging suppliers, manufacturers can also be detected after the reunification of a good special tray.


The loading process can be manual or automatic feeding through the conveyor belt, and then grabbed by the robot through the gripper. While the battery will read the code (collecting the identity of a single cell data information), cell polarity detection (with or without the direction of the opposite), batteries sorting and with groups, and reject the bad, the battery can be used in solar powered portable generator.


After the initial inspection and sorting, according to the different requirements of the module and process, respectively, such as laser cleaning - glue - cell stack - the battery box assembly - cutting the plastic ear - shell laser welding module Laser coding - a screw - the module detection - connecting plate laser welding - BMS system connection - the final module - the module blanking, and other processes.


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