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Battery Energy Storage Will Become Important Part Of Power Grid

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-25 20:55:12
As we all know, the traditional grid is a transmission and distribution with a dynamic completion of the dynamic supply and demand balance system. Note that, in addition to the balance of power (including active power and reactive power), in order to ensure the safety of the power grid (including the safety of electricity load), the voltage fluctuation and frequency fluctuation of the power grid must be controlled within a certain range , The same important power quality parameters are harmonic, three-phase balance and so on. Maintaining this balance of supply and demand and controlling the quality of power quality are largely dependent on the dispatching departments at all levels (our country adopts the four-level scheduling system of national, regional and provincial). Before the emergence of large-scale solar power batteries energy storage technology, the dispatchable resources of grid dispatch are mainly rotary power generation equipment, such as thermal power generating units, hydroelectric units, gas units and pumped storage power stations.
Battery Energy Storage Will Become Important Part Of Power Grid
As is well known, as a new type of power device combined with power electronics technology and power battery technology, the battery energy storage power station is not the traditional power station, but in a certain time and space, BESS can act as power generation The role of the station; and because of its unparalleled response speed and control accuracy, the FM peaking effect far more than all the traditional rotary power generation equipment; AGC and AVC function for the battery energy storage system is born Capacity, there is no suspense and pressure to use; and BESS has a modular design, configuration flexibility, can be distributed using the characteristics of its large-scale grid-connected applications become possible. At the same time, BESS can also easily act as a controllable load to use, that is, BESS with power and load two role characteristics, can be based on the need to instantly convert identity.
Battery Energy Storage Will Become Important Part Of Power Grid
In short, in the grid configuration of large-scale (stand-alone or distributed) battery energy storage power station, can replace all or part of thermal power peaking unit, FM unit, accident standby unit, reactive power generating units, BESS's economic value is very large.

Therefore, the portable solar power generator battery energy storage system will become a high-quality power grid scheduling.Of course, this by the grid to use the BESS resource scheduling, and its asset form can be diversified. Early can be leased or jointly held (joint-stock company) approach.
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