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Battery Cost Is Steadily Declining

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-19 10:16:12
According reports, although Tesla has not yet officially announced the assembly of Model 3 models of the new lifepo4 battery pack, its vice president of investment relations Jeff Evanson said earlier that the basic version of Model 3 will carry less than 60 million battery pack , A single charge mileage will exceed 215 miles (about 346 km), but there will be other higher configuration to choose from.

Last month, Tesla chief technology officer JB Straubel delivered a speech at the National Entrepreneur Week in Mexico detailing Tesla's battery technology improvements. Straubel said the Tesla Model3 battery energy density (energy density) than ModelS increased by 30%.

In the past, when talking about the Tesla super factory Gigafactory production of batteries, the company's executives will always refer to 30% of the number, but they refer to most and cost, rather than for the battery energy density.

In the Straubel speech, he directly linked the cost to the battery's energy density: "In fact, when you are increasing the battery's energy density, it also reduces the cost of the battery." In general, the cost we define is The raw material in the battery.Therefore, if you want to reduce costs, the best way is to reduce the raw materials, increase the energy density.This is a key to our R & D work is very beneficial, and this is what happens in real life.

In this regard, Straubel with the following slide to make an explanation:


In this case, Tesla more energy-efficient: Model 3 battery energy density increased by 30%

"Tesla does not currently need to make a major breakthrough in the solar power batteries, as long as it is enough to make some improvements to bring important impact on our performance of the battery is steadily increasing each year - for a given energy storage battery every year The energy density of nearly 5%, which is an important data Tesla concern.From the first Roadster sports car to the Model S, our battery energy density has increased by nearly 40%, while the Model 3 will increase by 30% , These results are derived from our continuous improvement.

In fact, in the recent release of other products Tesla, Lei Feng network can also be seen to enhance the energy density of the impact of the battery. The Tesla Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 all have higher energy densities at the battery level.

Tesla Powerpack2 is a good example. The first generation of Powerpack AC weighs 1720kg, the energy capacity of 95kWh, the battery energy density of 55Wh / kg. The new generation of Powerpack 2 weighs 1622kg, the energy capacity of 210kWh, the battery grade energy density of 130Wh / kg. Only a year, the battery energy density increased by 136%. Of course, for fixed-type energy storage systems such as Powerpack, cost is more important than the weight of the factors, but as Straubel said, in the development of Tesla battery technology, energy density and cost are inseparable relationship.
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