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Batteries Consistent and BMS

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 13:58:23

The traditional BMS is certainly rejected, but if it is SDB (software defined battery) is not necessarily a. The traditional BMS a charge line came in, to all the battery charge / record / cut-off, and then output. This BMS can match with LiFePO4 battery pack to use in solar power generation.


Further, I installed two batteries in battery pack, one for low-speed cruise when the low-rate discharge conditions, and the other for high-speed emergency stop Of the high-rate discharge conditions.


Different cell systems have different characteristics, often considering the energy density / power density / cost / life / flexibility and other indicators are in conflict, if you need to use the same module in different batteries, with a comprehensive performance outstanding Products, the traditional BMS is more difficult.


Microsoft felt that this could be done by adding a charge and discharge management device to each cell, collecting the charge / discharge / current / resistance of each cell, and intelligently shunting the cells so that each cell of the charge and discharge close to the single cell, to maximize the use of batteries.


The main difficulty of this type of cell management model is to collect the data after the analysis and current deployment, Microsoft has developed a more complex algorithm, and will use this battery management mode battery pack for the software defined battery. The software defined battery is a new form, it will be gradually used in solar power generator, and more and more people begin to concern it.


More critical is that this battery management mode can be mixed chemical management system to achieve different. Energy storage thousands of thousands of advantages and disadvantages are not the same. Different voltage / different resistance / different charge and discharge rate, these batteries together, to work it?


In this regard, Microsoft, the use of SDB, an experiment, get a good result (Battery Management for 2-in-1s). Also, in the smart watch, the use of strap can be assembled with a flexible solid-state batteries, with the dial under the polymer lithium battery, you can better extend the standby time, which requires SDB better control between solid-state batteries and liquid batteries.

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