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BYD Storage Energy In Brazil

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-10-15 13:37:09
Recently, BYD Storage Energy continued to exert its strength and once again conquered the new market and successfully signed the first lithium battery containerized energy storage project in Brazil. This project is not only the first solar power generator containerized energy storage project of BYD in Brazil, but also the first in Brazil. Utility level lithium battery energy storage project.

1.26MW/1.36MWh energy storage system will be connected with the completed 5MW photovoltaic power station to the local distribution network for the stable output of renewable energy and grid auxiliary services, etc., becoming the first demonstration project of photovoltaic + energy storage in the local area. Delivered in December 2018.

Based on the previous market development, from August 28th to August 30th, BYD brought the latest PV module products and modular battery storage cabinet technology to InterSolar, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to provide customers with quality products and comprehensive optical storage system. solution.

In order to meet the needs of different markets, on the basis of the container energy storage system, BYD designed and developed a pure battery cabinet energy storage system that better matches the small industrial and commercial enterprises, which can meet different battery capacity requirements, and the system design is more flexible, and the installation and application will be More convenient.

Thanks to sufficient lighting conditions and government investment in renewable energy, Brazil is the next emerging PV development market. With the increase in the number of photovoltaic power plants, the grid has put forward requirements for the stability of photovoltaic power plants, which has become a major trend. Relying on the safety and stability and long cycle life of lithium iron phosphate battery technology, equipped with independent research and development of high-efficiency PCS, integrated HVAC and other auxiliary equipment, BYD containerized energy storage system can be used in a variety of scenarios, BYD will continue to provide more comprehensive customers worldwide. , reliable products and technical services.
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