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BYD Pure Electric Vans T4 Coming

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:10:27
According to the announcement shows that BYD pure electric vans T4 uses 4 × 2 drive, vehicle length, width and height respectively 4790mm, 1750mm, 2100mm, wheelbase 2800mm. Now the electric vans will use lithium batteries, and it could be used in portable solar power generator.

T4 BYD pure electric vans designed with a length 2800mm, width 1660mm, height 1250mm cargo tank rated load of 1155kg, car, cargo maximum total mass of 3495kg.

T4 BYD BYD pure electric vans to its own lifePo4 batteries as an energy carrier, vehicle equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors, the maximum output power of 160kW, speed can reach 100km / h.


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