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BYD Provides Rooftop PV For England Heineken

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:18:08
solarRecently, the world's leading beer maker Heineken announced that its flagship beer of North Yorkshire, England manufacturing facility in the formal completion of large-scale rooftop PV installation project, has since become the UK's first large-scale portable solar power generator  roof installations mainstream brewers . The project is regarded as an important part of Heineken sustainable strategy and will enable Heineken beer stand out from many of the world-renowned enterprises, to become the first to complete the "green upgrade" beer manufacturers. Core PV modules used in the project is provided by the new energy leader BYD from China.

The project is located in Tader Heineken beer factory by 4047 sets of solar powered portable generator PV modules, whose total area equal to the total PV module area of 50,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and will provide for an annual bottled and canned beer factory sector 876MWh supply of electricity, the equivalent of 5% of the total power consumption of the brewery. The project is the application of new energy photovoltaic Heineken reduce the environmental costs of important strategic initiatives, but also Heineken "Brewing a better future," an important part of the plan. The PV project is part of Solar Access Energy, high-performance components with industry-leading global technology provided by BYD composition.
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