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BYD New Energy Vehicle And Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-29 09:55:10
new energy vehicleBefore there is Di powder in the Ministry of Industry website to see the Tang 100 will be equipped with ternary lithium battery, and will not wait for the release of the second generation of Tang have. For this argument we do not deny, but the exposure of the internal "2016 interim results conference" records, BYD will take the lead in the Song dual-mode lithium batteries on the use of ternary, and 100 on the 100 and Tang 100 models will Respectively, lifepo4 battery version and version of the lithium battery version of the model, which will launch a specific listing of which models we are uncertain, but certainly the future of new energy vehicles will be replaced with ternary lithium batteries .

BYD Song dual-mode lithium-ion battery pack is a matter of course, and as the Tang 100 and 100 of the Qin and the market needs to be adjusted according to market demand, but certainly will continue to use the future of ternary lithium batteries, but why Song double mode In the plan will be the first to do? On the one hand is the time node to meet, just this time the state on the passenger car using the ternary lithium battery policy has been relaxed, and the other is the song of this car is a BYD to the quality of the car A start, is expected in the Song dual-mode / EV version of the new car after the launch, at least in the appearance and interior will appear earth-shaking changes, which help to enhance the overall BYD products and brand image.

In fact, BYD will be its passenger car lifepo4 battery pack to upgrade to ternary lithium battery is a positive response to the national strategy, although the new energy vehicle safety issues are strictly required by the state, which is equivalent to the new energy vehicles Mingmen, but with the With the state of ternary lithium battery in the field of passenger cars appropriate liberalization of the policy, the major new energy car enterprises are also in a positive response.

The ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate battery is the biggest difference between the storage of high-density, ternary lithium batteries have a higher energy density, so the small size can also reserve more power to use directly to enhance the new energy Car mileage, but safety performance is still a threshold. In addition, BYD will launch in 2017 is not dependent on local subsidies of a dual-mode models, the car is mainly for the third and fourth tier cities (with better charging environment) introduced, we guess should be M3 dual template.

BYD will also be a new battery factory to meet the ternary lithium battery needs, but BYD also said that the ternary battery factory and lithium iron phosphate battery plant is the difference in storage (ternary and lithium iron battery line), lithium iron phosphate Battery factory storage phase is relatively safer, ternary lithium battery factory storage is more likely to burn, while the combustion is mainly in the storage, so ternary lithium battery factory in the storage phase will be designed to be wider, even if the fire is only burning This is a little bit, but this problem can not be avoided at present.
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