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BYD Battery-Box Energy Storage System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-12-26 12:11:22
BYD Battery-Box battery energy storage system has won international certification! Recently, the Battery-Box energy storage system designed and developed by BYD has been selected as the “optimal performance of the system” by the internationally renowned Berlin University of Technology (HTW). This honor is another award of the international new energy authority to BYD's energy storage system after winning the “2013 Top Innovation” award from the international authoritative journal “PV magazine” and the authoritative survey agency EuPD Research “2018 top energy storage brand”. .
BYD Battery-Box Energy Storage System 1
The German market's decentralized solar and energy storage systems are currently showing strong growth momentum. According to data from the Berlin University of Technology, the installed capacity of photovoltaic + energy storage integrated systems in the German market has exceeded 100,000 sets. On the one hand, the demand for energy storage systems is increasing, while on the other hand, it is the status quo of a large number of product parameters on the market. The test, called "Energy Storage 2018," selected more than 20 mainstream energy storage systems for testing. After rigorous testing and performance comparison, the combination of Battery-Box energy storage system designed and developed by BYD and German inverter manufacturer Kostal won the first prize. The Germans who are known as “strict and demanding” were selected as the most comprehensive performance of the system. Excellent energy storage products. Chen Yan, BYD's global sales director of Battery-Box, said that the high transparency of system parameters is one of BYD's strategies, and the related rankings once again verified the superior performance of BYD's battery system.
BYD Battery-Box Energy Storage System
It is reported that Battery-Box's global market share and brand awareness reached a new high in 2018. Its energy storage products have entered more and more countries, including Germany, Australia, Britain, Italy and Spain.
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