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BYD And Tesla Battery Which Is Better?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-03 09:17:36
"Car world" host Lin Haicheng line foreign first phase of the Sharon 's "big coffee" host, with the fans in the micro - letter group carried out interactive exchanges. Topics involving the election car, car, new energy, car, less than an hour's time, to answer the nearly 40 questions around the car.

An hour chatted about 40 topics, Hai brother frankly admitted to the state, radio than the program is also tired, but tired happy. In this state to take some practical questions and answers to everyone.

Mixed models which strong?
Mixed model
The author point of view: hybrid technology Europe and the United States started late Toyota started earlier, should be the most mature, very early on a production car Prius, and now can do the battery and engine life, and the price dropping to 15 million . Mixed is a good transition model, there is a good advantage, dual-engine do not change the car habits. If you have a sense of driving, it is best not to choose.

15 million or so how to choose the king of control?
king of control
Although the natural aspirator is not a turbocharged power to fast, but for the body weight of the Enexcela, the 2.0 naturally aspirated, the natural aspiration is not a matter of course, Of the engine to cope with more than enough. Honda Civic although the speed is one of the best, but the curve is not as good as imagined.

BYD and Tesla battery which is better?
I point of view: BYD lifepo4 battery safety is better than Tesla, but the power efficiency and Tesla weak point. Let the pride of the sea brother BYD Auto in the international market recognition: the United States Facebook company, with the electric traffic bus is BYD products, executives of BYD's E6 is pure electric vehicles.
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