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BMW Insists On Investing In Electric Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-10 09:03:44
According to foreign media recently reported that in response to European and American emission standards and future profitability, BMW Group plans to increase investment in electric vehicles, Dai Laimu, Volkswagen, Ford and other car manufacturers have also accelerated the pace of production of electric vehicles.

Taking into account the lifepo4 battery pack capacity and manufacturing costs, the BMW Group, said the electric car is difficult in a short period of time profitable. Stefan Juraschek, vice president of development for electric vehicles, said in a test facility in Munich that "we have to overcome a lot of difficulties" in order to find ways to save on the cost of electric vehicles.
BMW Insists On Investing In Electric Vehicles
Due to current technical problems, limited range of electric vehicles, BMW Group is expected in 7 years will double the battery capacity and enhance lifepo4 battery performance, and now BMW i3 electric city car battery weighs 230 kg (about 510 pounds). In this regard, Jurachek that improve battery performance is the key, because the future is clearly in the "production of larger models of electric vehicles and to ensure longer mileage" direction.

Despite consumer tolerance, BMW and its competitors insist on investing in electric vehicles to meet stringent European and American emission standards. Among them, Diel Zetsche CEO (Dieter Zetsche), said the company's luxury brand - Mercedes - Benz, plans to launch by 2025 10 electric vehicles (all subordinate EQ brand), the amount of investment will reach 10 billion euros (about 10.6 billion US dollars).

Volkswagen Group has also committed to the introduction of 30 pure electric vehicles, accounting for a quarter of its delivery, which is the proportion of BMW's electric car is almost the same. Ford Motor Company chief executive Mark Fields said that the laws and regulations and customer demand mismatch damage to the profits of car manufacturers, early input costs difficult to recover. "In 2008, the US market a total of 12 models of electric vehicles, accounting for 2.3% of the entire automotive industry," Fields in an interview with Bloomberg said, "Up to 2016, there have been 55 models, now the proportion has reached 2.8% ".

BMW plans to use the electric power system as the main driving force to reduce its 2021 investment auto-driving electric vehicles - iNext series of technical costs. Today, the BMW Group is the system used in existing models, but is expected to short-term market demand will not grow rapidly.
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