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BMW Debuts Battery Storage System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-10 14:22:01
BMWBMW i, a leader in innovative electromobility since 2011, announced a stationary energy storage system solution integrating its BMW i3 vehicle battery at the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 29.

BMW is the first automotive manufacturer to utilize a complete automotive high-voltage battery for energy storage.
The solar power storage electrified by BMW i, enables customers to more fully realize their commitment to sustainability – and to take the next step towards energy independence.

With this system, which integrates seamlessly with charging stations and solar panels, customers can offset peak energy costs and also enjoy the added security of an available backup energy supply during power outages.

The system utilizes BMW i3 high-voltage batteries and can be expanded to incorporate 2nd Life Batteries as they become available in the market.

This strategy will extend the useful life of the lifepo4 battery pack for the owner, even beyond in-vehicle use.

It is the first market-ready home storage system using a repurposed (i.e. 2nd Life) automotive BMW i3 high-voltage battery integrated by BECK Automation.

The battery storage system electrified by BMW i can be equipped with new or 2nd Life Batteries. This holistic approach underlines the sustainability strategy that has characterized BMW i since its inception.

This system can enable energy produced from solar panels to be used more efficiently.

It can be charged during the day, taking advantage of the energy that may otherwise be underutilized while customers are typically away, to support the overall energy efficiency of their home, these battery also can be used in portable solar power generator market.
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