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Australian 50MW solar wind energy storage hybrid power station approved

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-01 10:31:23

Kennedy energy Park (Australia, Queensland, Xiuyideng) a phase of the project will be started in early 2017, last week has been approved. Park will be located in Canberra's Windlab company and Japan Energy Eurus development.

Kennedy park is the world's leading innovative wind energy, solar energy and storage hybrid solutions, including 30MW wind, 20MW solar power generator and 2MW lithium ion battery storage.


This project will be the world's first grid connected wind, solar and energy storage hybrid projects. Approved in July 21st, has received feedback from all States and federal authorities.


200000 photovoltaic panels; 2MW lithium ion energy storage


This project includes 9 to 12 turbines, depending on the final choice, including 200000 pieces of photovoltaic panels, the project site will also deploy 4 large container 2MW lithium ion solar generator.

This project will cost more than $120 million, Xiuyideng in the construction process, will produce more than 50 direct and indirect jobs a lot.


Project leader Geoff Burns said Xiuyideng almost is the one and only, Australia has the best wind resource, at the same time enjoy the best solar energy resources. Wind power generation and solar power generation and energy storage system set can solve the problem of intermittent power supply.


Windlab plans to verify the effectiveness of the solution through the project, to support the deployment of a larger project. Windlab plans to build more than 1000MW of wind and solar backup generator projects after completion of the first phase of the project.


This 50MW hybrid power generation facilities will be more than 30000 families of power supply, beyond the demand for electricity and the surrounding areas, the remaining power generation will be delivered to the national grid.

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