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Australia Off-Grid Energy Storage Market

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:03:32
energy storageAll along, the world's off-grid energy storage market are focused on Australia. With the world's leading roof photovoltaic system penetration and lower export tariffs, off-grid energy storage system in Australia, the development of catching on fire. We found that while Australia's off-grid storage market has great potential, it is still in its infancy at an early stage.

Installed capacity: At this stage, off-grid storage system users are still mainly some of the early users, the actual number of installed with the field in full swing does not match the scene. However, there are indications that the installed capacity of off-grid energy storage systems will increase in the final months of 2016.

Policy: In the future, Australia may not roll out new measures to support the installation of off-grid energy storage systems, so policy is unlikely to be a major driver of the country's off-grid energy storage market.

Regulation: While current regulations do not restrict the installation of off-grid energy storage systems, they do increase the efficiency of these solar powered portable generator energy storage systems. Australia must improve the country's laws and regulations, to help the energy storage system to achieve its full potential to create more value.

Products: At present, most of the products in advertising to promote the product does not really start public sales, other products on the market user experience is poor. Obviously, the entire off-grid energy storage market is still in the "test phase", not ready to begin large-scale sales.

Supporters: At present, a series of "key players", such as energy retailers, solar installers and distribution service providers, are actively working to prepare for the sale and development of off-grid energy storage systems. However, their business models and products are still underdeveloped to a large extent.
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