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Audi Car New Technology In 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-03 17:19:20
Audi2016 Geneva International Motor Show was officially opened. Geneva Motor Show is the global automotive industry's most influential exhibition, Frankfurt Motor Show, Paris Motor Show, the Tokyo Motor Show and the North American Auto Show and said the world's top five auto show, known as "the International Automobile trend benchmark," he said. Annual Geneva auto show auto show concept cars are a landscape, these concept cars and some exaggerated design represents the future concept cars; others are very close to mass production, basic and future production models with the same design technology, the Geneva Motor show this year as well.

On the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Netease and other media with the Audi car, research director Stefan Knirsch dialogue, Stefan Knirsch said that the future Audi will market itself in China, the use of new technologies, new ways to promote new energy vehicles; Audi will have to persevere automatically driving research and development, rapid acceleration autopilot arrival; Q2 is integrated Audi new technologies and innovative products, Audi will meet more young Chinese market demand with lifepo4 batteries  in the future.
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