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Aquion Energy New Type Storage Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:30:05

A new type battery with low cost and without pollution, which is for solar plus and wind power storage, has published, it is the lowest cost of new generation large scale and solar power batteries from Intermittent renewable energy.

Aquion Energy is separated from Carnegie Mellon University short as CMU), and they provide the first batch batteries for small scale grid or micro grid, these batteries could support the running of centralized grid independently. 


Grid often uses local source, including wind power, solar power and water source, to provide stable electricity power supply for those people who could not using the traditional electrical grid. The battery could store the electricity from solar power battery panel and wind power generator, then supply electricity power in 24 hours. Besides, the electricity power supply could be fulfilled by diesel generator. The battery could use in portable solar power generator.

       Aquion new type storage battery has adopted sodium ion as electrolyte, electricity flows from lithium manganese oxide positive pole to carbon negative pole. This battery features with large size, stable operation and low manufacture cost, it could be produced from modified equipment. 

The development of new type energy storage technology is very important for the application of renewable energy, especial in the isolated areas. Meanwhile the cost of solar power is much lower than diesel fuel, this would help more and more people where without stable electricity power supply have the chances to use the clean energy. Except for micro grid, this battery like lifepo4 could be applied in new field including keep the stability of traditional electrical grid which depends on the renewable energy mostly.

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