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Application of lifepo4 battery energy storage system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-23 14:00:53

With the rapid development of wind energy, photovoltaic and other renewable energy power generation industry, the power grid disturbance, pollution and random caused by abandoned light, abandoned wind problem is becoming more and more serious. Since 2011, through the development, testing and application of the lifepo4 batteries based chemical energy storage system, we have overcome and constantly overcome one of the problems in the energy storage system.


Reduce costs and achieve large-scale applications

In the cost structure of the lithium-ion battery, material costs accounted for nearly 75%, while the cost of labor, manufacturing costs, other costs, including a total of more than 25%. According to the cost distribution, the transit technology group (hereinafter referred to as transit) targeted to take the corresponding measures to reduce the:


Transit storage can be fully automated equipment. This is to reduce manufacturing costs and labor costs of the measures used, compared with pure manual production, production efficiency increased by more than 50%, manufacturing costs fell by more than 7%, so that labor costs fell by about 2%. Application of automation equipment, so that the overall cost of solar power battery dropped by about 10%.


The standardization of other materials and the continuous optimization of the process. In addition to the positive and negative electrode materials and the diaphragm main material and other battery materials and PACK materials, Zhongtian as far as possible the use of standardized materials, so that the battery pack and batch production, the cost can be greatly reduced, and the continuous optimization in the process. In 2015, the transit in the material standardization and process optimization to make the overall cost down by about 12%.


Through the improvement of the main raw materials to make the principal cost down. Transit through the improvement of formula and process improvement, and constantly improve the material utilization rate, the material cost is greatly reduced. Although the material prices have been rising since 2015, but the main transit costs accounted for not rising, and decreased slightly.


Good consistency and long service life, so that the energy storage system in the actual use of the process of cost reduction plays a key role. Because transit using full automatic equipment, so in the consistency and distribution group has been guaranteed, plus the transit of the whole pole, such as the original technology to make the energy storage system to achieve more than 5000 times, greatly reducing the actual operating costs.


The key technology, the system has a greater advantage


In addition to some of the above targeted measures, transit also on how to reduce the quality of cost, after sales costs, to form a corresponding system. Integrated all the cost reduction, the angel iron phosphate lithium energy storage system has a greater advantage, for the energy storage system has been more widely used to lay a good foundation.

Energy storage system scheduling algorithm is the key to the best effect of the energy storage system. The battery energy storage system is mainly composed of a lifepo4 battery pack, a converter, a control device and a transformer.

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