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Apple Urge Suppliers to Use Clean Energy

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 11:48:58

Apple's Almost all businesses are using of solar and wind energy, further promote that global suppliers to use clean energy, it is good for solar powered portable generator market.

ClimateWeek Speaking at the meeting, Apple's vice president of environmental Lisa Jackson announced another two vendors plan to use clean energy SolvaySpecialtyPolymers-- iPhone antenna production with Belgian companies, Catcher Technology -. Production of aluminum alloy parts iPhone Chinese company, which plans to use clean energy to produce parts for Apple by 2018.

                                            Clean Energy

Previously, Apple's two other suppliers - Foxconn and Blue Synopsys, has announced a similar environmental programs Foxconn announced the construction of generating capacity of 400,000 kilowatts of solar farms to compensate for assembly production base in Zhengzhou iPhone power consumed.

Compared with Apple's own actively involved in the clean energy field, it is more difficult to persuade suppliers to use clean energy. Currently, Apple 93% of the business use of solar and wind energy. Apple has made the sale of electricity in the wholesale market qualification, which enables it to transport and sell the use of endless energy.

In an interview with "Fortune", Jackson said that Apple by providing expertise to help suppliers to use clean energy, including regulatory information and the best way to get clean energy. Over the years, Apple has been exploring the purchase and production of clean energy pathway.

Jackson said, "We're a bit like a provider of professional advisers." Apple also clear that it will provide support to the use of clean energy suppliers, "including financial support," although the main problem is not the use of the financial clean energy.

In various parts of the world, large companies can more easily at a competitive price for solar and wind energy. Enterprises can be as low as 4 cents per kilowatt-hour of power to the ultra-low prices for solar farms. In Abu Dhabi, the solar farm purchase electricity prices even as low as 2.42 cents per kWh. Therefore, companies buy the solar energy field can help reduce operating costs.

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