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Apple Solar Power Cars & Solar Thin-Film Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-15 09:47:52
AppleRecently, Apple boss Cook to China, announced the establishment of research and development center in Shenzhen, attracted a public eye. Most people are concerned about Apple's mobile trends in the field, but Cook's trip also hinted that Apple's another sign. This is the direction of Apple's research and development of electric vehicles.
Before the news came, Apple has dug a lot of car talent to build electric vehicles. Recently, there is news that Apple to buy McLaren, leaving the Apple electric car looks confusing.

Oct. 12 opening in Shenzhen in 2016, "National Volkswagen Venture Peoples Innovation Week", some time ago a high-profile release of solar power cars Han also to bring the full range of products to participate. The most intriguing is that Tim Cook (Tim Cook) in the booth to carefully study Hanergy solar power cars and thin film power generation technology, which makes people the development of Apple's electric car has a new conjecture.

"Is it true? It's amazing!" Cook heard Han Bin, vice president of Bin Han-gallium arsenide thin-film battery chip and the Han to the whole solar-powered car after the direct point of praise. When the staff to the Cook to introduce this thin film can also be applied to Apple's mobile phone, Cook said, "no problem."

Prior to the news that Apple has entered the field of new energy vehicles plan and investment in the field of solar power layout, Apple R & D center is still large-scale application of solar thin-film batteries. It is said that the top of Apple's electric car will also use portable solar power generator. This can not help but guess, Apple and Han can have hooked possible.

Cook's move to reveal the general direction of the development of renewable energy. As we all know, Tesla in the solar field layout is perfect, some time ago also acquired solar city. Maske's ideas are: solar power, powerwall storage power plant household storage, electric vehicle charging. Utilizing this closed-loop system, Tesla achieves the renewable use of solar energy.
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