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Analysis on the Depth of 5 Technical Process Routes for Salt Lake Extraction

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 17:21:02
Global lifepo4 battery pack resources are widely distributed, but the reserves are relatively limited, now look mainly concentrated in South America and China, as well as some parts of Africa. From our country's situation, our country's total resource distribution concentrated in two, one is the Salt Lake, one is the ore, which is now proven to have clear data, is our country's total of about 70% or more concentrated in Qinghai Salt Lake, there are still concentrated in the mine inside. These two resources because of its natural endowment is different, so in the late mining, extraction, production processes and product quality are different.

Salt Lake resources on the domestic point of view, the domestic distribution of the five provinces in the western salt lake, which accounted for half of China's five provinces of the area, but there are lithium resources only concentrated in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, focusing more on Qinghai, Tibet is not allowed to build any industry, so Tibet's industrial development in Qinghai and Tibet in 2013 through the central coordination, the establishment of a Tibetan Green Industrial Park, established in Qinghai's Golmud City, Tibet to resource development-based industrial system Now built in Qinghai, so now and in the future and salt lake resources extraction and development of the industry should be concentrated in Qinghai.
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From the reserves of lithium resources speaking, according to the data released in 2013 to verify, we China in the world's total reserves of lithium resources is still relatively rich, accounting for about 20% of the global total. The world's lithium resources, mainly speaking from the type of salt in the lake, so from now, in technology development and production and construction, the foundation focused on the development and effective use of salt lake resources. Because the development and utilization of salt lake resources, the destruction of the environment is currently relatively small, and the development of mining and mining environmental damage is extremely serious. We can analyze the situation of salt lakes at home and abroad to see some of the foreign salt lake, in terms of their composition, such as the higher content of such as Akhtama about 0.15 g / liter of this volume, other places only in the tens to hundreds Ppm such a range, the lower a few ppm. One of the largest reserves or the best quality is still in the process of development, and now the most developed such as Bolivia's Uyuni and Argentina's Riken.

We are now able to develop the country are certainly concentrated in Qinghai, Qinghai is now very important several large lithium salt lake, is the two regions, one is Chaerhan Salt Lake region, as well as East Taiwan and West Taiwan, a Li Ping, From the mine endowment point of view, we are particularly stressed in the salt chemical magnesium-lithium than the problem, making our difficulty and cost are greatly improved, and we mentioned earlier Atkma their magnesium lithium is much higher, like South America In the following range of 10, its extraction technology and cost are easier than us. Lifepo4 battery pack for solar energy storage system in the technology, and now both domestic and lithium ore extraction, or Salt Lake to mention lithium are divided into five areas: electrodialysis, extraction, precipitation, adsorption, the five aspects of the development of salt lake resources are There are four of them are concentrated in the Qinghai Salt Lake, there is a salt lake in Tibet Zabuye.
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One is electrodialysis, through the membrane and power plant drive, so that the smallest ions through the membrane, and the rest are to flow to the membrane side, such as magnesium ions through the precipitation approach, through the power plant approach how to effectively eliminate is Technical difficulties, so the core of electrodialysis in solving this problem. In fact, the biggest problem in the cost of electrodialysis, because of the magnesium to be isolated, so the magnesium ions in the membrane above the adsorption, bonding, the impact of such an effect, but also makes the entire production costs and production cycle are Some of the effects. Another is the extraction method, in a few decades ago has been in the discussion, the last one or two years of sudden rapid development, our country in the late 50's began preparing for the development of the first hydrogen bomb, when the earliest proposed Extraction method to improve the first pure lithium chloride, and then purified, because the equipment at the time, materials, extraction agent and so on several aspects are not to achieve the desired state, so has not been achieved.

The actual method and technology are very different is that we now in the battery materials, cathode materials, anode materials gradually used in the process, has not only limited to lithium carbonate demand, while lithium hydroxide, and even the future of chlorine Of lithium, can be gradually used as a material to use. So this method can be a variety of raw materials, we get the current purity of lithium chloride can be as high as 9999, so this purity is fully meet our current level of the highest level of battery-grade lithium carbonate needs.

From the basic principles of chemistry, the most conventional or the most simple method is the precipitation method, precipitation method two issues, one is through the crystallization of condensation, and then one is to precipitate by carbonation, the product I personally think that relatively poor purity Of course, now in the follow-up purification processing line there are follow-up of some auxiliary manufacturers or two manufacturers to carry out processing, so it can meet the needs of battery materials.

Now the technical difficulty has not been completely breakthrough is the adsorption method, because of its adsorption characteristics, so now it is mainly applied to the lithium content, the lowest concentration of some salt lakes, for example, we mentioned earlier in the Chaerhan Salt Lake, Magnesium lithium ratio up to 1800 times, its lithium ion concentration in the original halogen which the lithium ion concentration is only about 30 ppm, with the adsorption method for lithium. This approach to the end of last year also produced a total of about 1,500 tons, and now is actually the world's largest production capacity of an adsorption method.

In accordance with the latest cooperation aspirations, Shenzhen BYD is also the adsorption method and the manufacturers of Lanke lithium industry launched a new round of cooperation, October 29 that day is also the foundation of 30,000 tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate production line Groundbreaking to be done, based on this approach, of course, they now cooperate before the method combined with the battery absorption method we mentioned earlier in the joint treatment. There is also a process is calcined by the CITIC Guoan in the conduct of this process from the chemical principle, no problem, but in the production of which there are serious environmental pollution problems, that is, the exhaust, this technology is currently only one line Is in Qinghai for production, production capacity of about 10,000 tons, the actual production capacity, from now should not exceed 3,000 tons. From the salt lake-based lithium extraction process has been completed so far the production line, we are all listed in this place, including we have just said that the adsorption method Salt Lake Group, Lanke lithium industry, production capacity of 10,000 tons last year, only 1,500 tons , The amount of this year I estimate also in this order of magnitude.

Dongtai, using the migration method, this year's goal is 80 million tons. West Taiwan, there are three companies in the investment, using the three methods, including just now I mentioned before the CITIC Guoan used calcination method, the production capacity is 10,000 tons, it is estimated that this year is about 3,000 tons of production. Another is to rely on CITIC Guoan raw materials, the use of ion migration point of imitation similar to the method of building a 20,000 tons of production lines, is not yet put into operation, if successful, in the year 2017 may Production, but the output is now bad forecast.
In another place, the colored extraction industry, some experts involved in the industry began to build, now they imitate this line built 1000 tons of lithium chloride, because the purity of about 95%, so it is produced some Ordinary lithium carbonate, which is currently in Qinghai all under the Salt Lake resources development of lithium carbonate production line of the situation. From our domestic production of these existing situation, in fact, extraction of lithium ore and lithium resources to use lithium advantages and disadvantages of the difference is still great, especially now on the clear requirements for environmental protection, or even one-vote veto premise, Ore law future survival pressure will be very great. On the one hand, its own survival cost is relatively high, including its raw materials, now a large number from abroad. In addition, its environmental problems, in the ore process, because there are high temperature, there is a living, wet, combined in the operation, so it's gas, liquid, solid waste emissions are more serious three objects. With salt lake resources to provide lithium, on the one hand now, several of the existing process cost control than the cost of lithium ore lower.So all most solar pwoer generator storage batteries are use lifepo4 battery pack. At the same time just mentioned five different methods, accurate figures no one published, about in this range, 1 million -2 million in this range of production costs.

From the environmental point of view, if we have been to the Qinghai Salt Lake region to travel or research people can understand the local situation, because it is tens of thousands of square kilometers within the deserted, inexperienced nicotine or salt lake area, The region itself, if a single lithium extraction after the old halogen stacking or discharge to a fixed location, there is no direct impact on the environment, such as the absence of atmospheric pollution, there is no solid waste pollution, old halogen stacking only The inside of the lithium and potassium extraction for a place after the heap of pure, may affect the future of groundwater, as well as frequent regional land resources such as the impact of such transport. So speaking from the environmental protection, ore should be superior to many.
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