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Analysis of the transition period rising U.S. power generation capacity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 10:42:06

Five large solar thermal power plant developed in the United States will be the first trough and tower technology to large-scale commercial application, more than 100 MW, optimization of large-scale power plant from the operation to reach the design target of power generation often takes some time for the system running and operation to gradually achieve the best operation state, the time is called learning the transition period. Since October 2013, some of the five solar power generators have been running for two years, and the actual generation performance is better or worse? Whose power generation rose to the minimum required for the design of the transition period? The author has carried on the statistical analysis to this end.


Compared simply from the actual power generation and design of power generation, trough performance without the thermal power station reservoir optimal Genesis Solar reached 621454MWh, generating capacity in 2015 reached throughout the year, designed annual generating capacity of 107% Solana; power plant generating capacity in 2015 reached 718843MWh throughout the year, the design annual power output of 76% Ivanpah power plant; the 2015 annual total generating capacity reached up to 670467MWh, designed annual generating capacity of 62%. The three power plant operation similar to the time, excluding the impact of the transition period of learning factors each need, groove type storage power station looks more likely to design power target.

five large thermal power station's annual output

Table 1 plots from August 2013 to August 2016 three years of the five large thermal power station's annual output (non natural years, according to the amount of power every 12 months Statistics) ratio curves of relative design annual power generation, power generation from this, Genesis in consecutive 12 months beyond the design target of solar generator, and the power performance has tended to be stable.

Genesis and Mojave two slot type climbing curves

From this, Genesis and Mojave two slot type climbing curves of reservoir thermal power station is relatively steep, which means that the actual power generation capacity can meet the design target faster, need to study the transition period shorter, climbing tower of DSG power plant Ivanpah curve is relatively flat, which is consistent with its set need to learn the transition period of four years. The new moon sand tower is less in the record of the electricity generating capacity, and the rising curve of the power generation is not worth much reference value.


Overall, groove type power plant, the actual power performance trough solar backup generator  station with relative heat storage Solana power plant is easier to achieve the design goal, probably because the configuration of thermal storage system, the complexity of the system increases, need time to adapt to a longer transition. Tower power plant, because the tower technology commercialization case itself is very low, power plant Ivanpah power station and barkhan tower are the innovation of the technique for the generation of milepost, climb relatively trough power plants are also expected to slow.

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