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Analysis of the Development of Power Battery Industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 15:34:12

Under the guidance of new technology and new technology, the power lithium battery industry chain, positive and negative, batteries, battery pack like our LiFePO4 battery pack and other branches of the rapid development. Power battery is no longer exist in isolation, but involves the upper, middle and lower reaches of many enterprises, any link problems, will disrupt the pace of industrial development. To put the power battery in the whole industry chain perspective of thinking, to achieve its coordinated development of the whole industry chain.


In the upstream battery raw materials in technology, price, capacity, etc. can affect the power battery production; downstream expansion of the new energy vehicle market, can effectively stimulate the demand for battery materials. Industry experts said that the power battery industry chain involved in many industries and enterprises, any link problems that may disrupt the overall development of the rhythm.

new technology

Industrial layout spread to usher in "integration peak"


In recent years, various ways of capital through different ways into the power battery industry. After the boom in 2014 and frenzy in 2015, a large number of financial capital, industrial capital through mergers and acquisitions, etc. into the field of power batteries, mergers and acquisitions through the capital operation of enterprises to achieve leapfrog development.


While many power battery companies focus on their core products, and constantly upgrade the technological level, expand the scale of production, there are a number of enterprises involved in the upstream and downstream industry chain, forward-looking layout and resource integration.


The future there will be more vehicle business and battery business joint venture, or even a wholly-owned battery business, trying to master the most core parts. Such as Beiqi and South Korea SK Group to establish battery manufacturing enterprises, Lifan shares building lithium battery production line, are the vehicle industry to the upper reaches of the industry chain to expand on behalf of.


In the vehicle business to try to master the battery technology, there are battery companies trying to master the vehicle qualification, direct access to new energy automotive terminal market. Now the battery gradually could use in solar powered portable generator. Fluoride-controlled subsidiary of Hebei Red Star Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been in the mass production of new energy vehicles; universal has also acquired the acquisition of the US electric car company Fisker.


Policy level, the new energy vehicle access threshold is not as strict as the traditional car, the social capital into the field of electric vehicle vehicle open attitude, hoping to enliven the new energy automotive market, attracting more and more Enterprises to enter the vehicle manufacturing sector.


Battery companies to expand the upstream and downstream extension of the battery raw materials, BMS, electric pack, and even powertrain and other areas to actively expand the layout. In addition to the joint venture with CATV set up Pratt to do pack, also has its own powerful BMS and pack team; in addition to the joint venture to set up a joint venture, Power of God, Water Horse, universal and other battery companies also have pack team.


Go to the upper reaches of the industrial chain, lithium ore business and battery materials business, is also actively extending their business areas. Now our portable solar power generator could gradually use that battery. Shanshangufen in addition to the traditional anode materials business, a large number of raised funds into the power battery, electronic control and other fields; public and shares in the lithium resources, lithium salt, precursor materials, cathode materials and other fields in-depth layout; lithium products deep processing Leading enterprises Ganfeng lithium product range, product processing chain length, with a large number of lithium ore reserves and rich precursor material supply, through mergers and acquisitions gradually to the development of the field of power batteries.


Cross-industrial chain integration, will be the birth of some technical monopoly or market monopoly characteristics of enterprises, thus changing the new energy vehicles on the upstream and downstream areas of the battery industry pattern, ushered in "integration peak."

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