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Analysis of power grid storage battery status

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 11:34:24

The storage battery is considered to be the future large-scale power grid access intermittent renewable energy and electric vehicles can be one of the key technologies of large scale promotion, mainly including lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, liquid flow battery, sodium based batteries. In recent years, the lithium battery is the industry's high hopes, in grid energy storage and power battery market in May 2015, the company released Tesla called Powerwall (lithium battery technology) household energy storage battery, began to get involved in the storage market, also triggered a global concern. The current status of the grid solar power battery will be described, with a focus on the current situation of the development momentum of the lithium battery.

 Battery Management

Global energy storage TOP10


According to the U.S. Department of energy global energy storage database (DOEGlobalEnergyStorageDatabase) statistics, more than 50 countries and regions are already in operation or operation of the power grid energy storage battery, installed capacity of the largest 10 countries accounted for 85% of the global total. Among them, the United States is the world leader in undisputed, reached 848 MW, accounting for 52% of the world, the main energy storage battery technology, installed capacity of lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and flow batteries respectively accounted for 50% of the world, 60% and 37%. Japan ranked second, with a total capacity of 202 MW, about 1/4 of the United states. China's power grid storage capacity of 68 megawatts (there are planning 50 MW capacity is not included), ranked fifth in Italy and Chile after. At present, China's power grid energy storage battery is mainly used in lithium batteries, a total of 58 MW, the proportion of more than 85%.

The storage battery is still small


Energy storage battery is still in a very early stage of development, only a small share of the energy storage technology in all power grid. At the end of October 2015, the total installed capacity of global grid energy storage battery is 1631 MW (including all transportation, construction, has signed and has announced that the energy storage capacity), accounting for only 1% of all energy storage capacity, pumped storage occupied most of the global grid energy storage (96%), heat storage and heat storage machinery can be accounted for 2% and 1%. If the statistics are changed to the operation of various types of technology, energy storage battery accounted for further reduced to 0.4%.

 Solar Battery

In the energy storage battery, the total capacity of the lifepo4 batteries is 818 MW, accounting for about half of all energy storage batteries, lead-acid battery (9%), liquid flow battery (6%) and other energy storage batteries occupy the other half of the share. Lithium battery, the current total capacity of 342 MW (42% of the total), in the construction of 221 MW, has contracted 127 megawatts, has announced the construction of 128 mw.


Global capacity rapid growth


In recent years, the development of power grid energy storage battery is very fast, the total capacity in 2003 is nearly 11 times in 2015. The last two years, the growth rate is more striking, added nearly 1 GW, accounting for about 60% of the total capacity. The history of the development of the United States the most long-term, as early as 90s on the beginning of the last century has been installed in the past two years, ushered in the outbreak of the market scale, the global growth is mainly from the United states. Japan after entering the 2000, the development of more stable. China, from around 2010, began to pay attention to the development of power grid energy storage battery.


Power grid energy storage technology


The power, the maximum discharge time, the response time, the efficiency, the charge and discharge times, the cost and so on, determine the feasibility and the occasion of the application of power grid energy storage technology.

 Power Battery

Pumped storage has the characteristics of large power, long discharge time, efficiency in 60% ~ 70%, the world's largest in pumped storage power station is located in the U.S. state of Virginia bath County pumped storage power station, power generation capacity has reached 3 GW, the maximum length of 10 hours 18 minutes. The maximum discharge time and power of compressed air energy storage are larger, but the efficiency is generally not more than 50%, the world's largest in the transport of compressed air energy storage power station is located in Els Faye Wright of Germany, the capacity to 321 megawatts of power, the maximum length of 2 hours, the efficiency is 42%. The storage battery types, the maximum capacity of about tens of MW, the maximum discharge time for several hours, the conversion efficiency is 60% ~ 90%, the world's largest storage battery is located in the U.S. state of Texas, the discharge capacity of 36 MW, 40 minutes long. The largest energy storage battery capacity of nearly 100 MW, long discharge time is 4 hours, is located in the United States, California. Capacitors, flywheel, the discharge of the superconducting power is generally shorter, the power is smaller. Among them, the United States has 2 power of nearly 400 MW of flywheel solar power generator devices, but not the mainstream of the technology.


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