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Analysis of photovoltaic power generation capacity evaluation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 16:36:23

Photovoltaic power station has a lot of problems in the construction process, such as dust, shading, attenuation, mismatch, damage etc.. Many investors suffer huge losses and investment risks. Through the quality service of power station, such as site survey, power generation evaluation, key device adjustment and maintenance, etc., can effectively find and solve problems, ensure the investment income of power station. Among them, the power generation evaluation service can be very good to meet the needs of users to diagnose the health status of power station.

 photovoltaic power generation

Power generation evaluation method


The so-called power generation assessment is based on the data collected in various parts of the solar generator station to establish a model, through the comparison and analysis of the difference between the amount of electricity and real power to diagnose the problem of photovoltaic power plants. The main power generation capacity assessment is the two steps of power generation simulation and difference analysis.


For the simulation of power generation, the first is the acquisition and input of environmental variables. It can be more accurate to understand the operation of the power station by collecting the sensor, bus box, inverter and other measured environmental variables. As shown in the power station measured total radiation curve and the day of the peak valley has a very accurate fitting degree, which provides a basis for fault diagnosis. The second is the model algorithm, combining module, inverter, transformer model can power generation model generation power plant, the corresponding environment variable input station corresponding model, can be obtained in consideration of the ideal power generation known under the environmental factors. Companies with a large amount of data will use their own model to modify the data, thus reducing the error.

Difference analysis, the ideal and actual measurement value, the PR value generating capacity were compared, differences can be learned photovoltaic power generation capacity and the theoretical value of the real. Through the corresponding comparison of each link (components, inverter, box, etc.), can be a specific understanding of the weak link in the power plant. This to a certain extent, greatly simplify the fault diagnosis of power plants, and refined the operation and maintenance management.

 PV Generator

Long term assessment of power generation


Complete design of the solar power generator has its own monitoring system and complete accurate historical data and power plant operation data storage, which gives different periods of power plant operation has brought convenience to the diagnosis. High end monitoring software is more integrated power generation diagnostic function, according to the collection of the corresponding environment, components, inverter, bus and other parameters, automatic simulation and analysis, and show the loss ratio. At present, most of the monitoring system is mainly a collection of real-time data collection, simple analysis and alarm function. This requires the appropriate professionals to assess the data collected by the power station.


Assessment of short term power generation in power plant


China is currently in the early stage of intelligent photovoltaic power plant, many power plants do not have the installation of monitoring system, or there is a monitoring system is not high precision, data collection is not comprehensive. The relevant details can be referred to in the workshop (click on the bottom of the text). The result is: on the one hand, because there is no power station monitoring system due to improper operation, facing the power attenuation of cracked components, PID, etc; on the other hand because there is no monitoring system will not be able to find the source of the problem, for the generation of power plant evaluation is very difficult. At the same time, the third party quality inspection institutions also need their own power plant monitoring equipment to collect the parameters of the power station. So, how to solve these problems?

To solve these problems, some companies during the long-term operation and maintenance practice to develop mobile monitoring data acquisition station, such as the typical min cast intelligent technology mobile stations. Sub array data acquisition, environmental parameter acquisition and power station diagnostic function of the data monitoring station. Through the external standard high precision sensor, high precision data acquisition device and the remote wireless communication system which is supported by the remote wireless communication system, the data acquisition is carried out for several weeks or months. The collected data is stored in the local mobile storage device or uploaded to the cloud via the network, the technical staff can use the supporting software or their own algorithms for data analysis.


According to the needs of different users, this kind of monitoring station can be configured flexibly to achieve different accuracy and function. Of course, the use of the mobile station can also be used to solar backup generator station weather stations, sensors and data acquisition system to adjust, so that more accurate.

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