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Analysis of "Internet plus" distributed solar photovoltaic development trend

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 11:32:40

The energy of the Internet is "superstructure", and distributed solar power generator in "emerging economic basis" with fruit to fall.

As of the end of 2015, China's photovoltaic power plants total installed capacity has reached 43GW, "13th Five-Year PV" planning capacity will reach 150GW, which distributed to reach a total of 70GW, with 10 times growth. From a global scale, the size of the photovoltaic power plant will continue to grow at a high speed. It can be said that as basic assets economic base "- photovoltaic power plant installed capacity reached a certain level, to reach new heights, the Internet and other energy" superstructure "technology will play a key role.

 distributed solar photovoltaic

In February 29, 2016, the NDRC and other three departments issued "on the" Internet plus wisdom "energy development guidance", put forward ten years energy network construction planning and the ten task, marking the Internet will further accelerate the construction of energy. In June 23, 2016, the National Grid announced that the National Standards Commission issued in 2016 the first batch of national standards and revision plan, led the national grid "energy Internet system - General principles" 28 important standards approved project. Therefore, is expected to "energy Internet plus" will become an important driving force for distributed photovoltaic power generation industry upgrading, and "Internet plus deep integration will become the new trend of the industry.


In 2016, the development of solar backup generator industry will no longer be the production, promotion and application of simple, is no longer excessive rely on government subsidies can easily profit, the development of the industry to embrace "Internet plus". In the field of distributed photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic enterprises are increasingly building intelligent power plant, storage center, cloud computing and data center, to further expand the market space with the "energy Internet plus" the depth of integration.

In addition, the modernization of the highly integrated electronic research will provide technical support for the popularization and application of the family of distributed energy, controller, inverter and other equipment will be incorporated into the integrated circuit, to provide customers with more simple and convenient installation, or will become the mainstream design in the future. In ensuring the photovoltaic system and family construction, meet the installed base of the basic meaning of photovoltaic system, improve the photovoltaic component appearance of the structure, the realization of the basic functions of energy saving and environmental protection can beautify the appearance of the building, providing personalized modular combination for users to build.


The foreseeable future, the sale side Energy Service Companies will serve more innovation, take the customer as the center, to provide free public service for the customers at the same time, the strategy of personalized service for customers, timely push parts including contract energy management, energy saving and comprehensive electrical consulting and other value-added services. And more and more customers prefer to choose lifepo4 battery pack as solar power battery.


As the foundation of the information society, the Internet has a wide range of influence. It has been widely known to the public, but it has been developing and innovating in various technologies and models so far. Thinking mode based on the Internet, but also continue to innovate in the development of human cognition and life to subvert. In the face of a variety of seemingly complex, but the mutual influence of society in a balanced and Thinking on the integration principle, finding the balance between and integration, and ultimately create a subversive force, making all the blend can be a possible.


As the basic part of the Internet, the development trend of domestic civil distributed photovoltaic system has become inevitable. Based on comprehensive analysis of the current application and technology, relying on the new cutting-edge technology and combined with the actual situation of the development of Chinese, breakthrough in the perspective of people seeking development, will be conducive to further explore the development direction and the corresponding thinking mode.

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