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Analysis Of Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-05-11 12:50:44
The battery is multi-dimensional. We usually talk about the entire battery. When we talk about the specific energy, we look at the specific energy when we evaluate the battery technology level. But I want to tell everyone that the specific energy is not the level of evaluation, not even the main indicator. Why do you say that? Because the specific energy depends on the material, you only need to use the material to the extreme. With the material of 811, with the diaphragm, aluminum plastic film, you can do 300Wh/kg, 310Wh/kg, but as a battery, In addition to energy, safety, cycle performance, high temperature performance, and low temperature performance are not supported by high specific energy and it is difficult to say. In the first two days, Prof. Ouyang Minggao proposed that some companies can achieve 300Wh/kg more than energy, but the cycle energy is only one week. This is meaningless. It is quite a long process for you to continuously improve these performances to the level that can be applied. In this respect, the entire battery evaluation should be multi-dimensional. It is dangerous to see only one of these dimensions, and it is also unscientific. There is no way to really get into market applications. For example, security, such as various charge and discharge performance, life, cost, quality, recyclability, industrial chain, continuous improvement, etc., all of which add up to decide whether the battery company really owns the competition. force.
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To ensure that the business market is competitive is the first security, to ensure that the battery safety requires some destructive experiments, such as acupuncture experiments, the battery is most afraid of the fire explosion short circuit, acupuncture experiments to simulate the collision of the car, the battery is sharp Things penetrate, and in this case it is safe without a short circuit. For example, this overcharge, because the battery is charged up to 4 volts or 5 volts, in this case under the control of the BMS, overcharge will not be fire or explosion is safe. There is a drop test. If the vehicle crashes, there is a high possibility that the battery will be struck. Although there is no major accident at present, it is because the number of electric vehicles is relatively small. In this case, the battery pack is guaranteed in case of a collision. Safety is very important. Do pay attention to the safety of the battery, or endless trouble.

The second is the specific energy. Now many battery manufacturers provide the same amount of energy. All the stories told are the same. Everyone is in a natural world, relying on chemical materials to achieve high specific energy, and no one can tell who is high. Who is low, the key is who can improve the industrialization of the case than the energy, which is the key element.

Third, the service life, this is cyclical, there is a problem in the battery industry, 2000 times, 2,500 times, or 2,800 times, these are the data measured by the thermostat laboratory, and ultimately used on the car , is in the case of high and low temperatures, but also in the end of a variety of cycling experiments in the end is how much mileage, no battery manufacturers make it clear. There is also a big problem, that is, the battery you use every day is no problem, if you put it in half a year, then this thing may be worse than your actual use, much faster damage, is also very important for the life, It is how the battery allows users to use as much time as possible. Our quality guarantee for Carne is 300,000 kilometers.

There is the cost. In the past few years, the battery industry has been suffering. In the three aspects, the first one is the new adjustment of the national policy every year. This is not only the battery industry, but also the new energy industry has been afflicted. We have developed a The new car, under normal circumstances, we say that it is a period of 36 months, 54 months, but the new energy vehicles give you up to six months of the cycle, and then sell for six months, the second half of the development of new products, because the country each year Subsidies have changed. No matter the battery industry or the electric vehicle industry, there will be new changes every six months. The second is the substantial reduction in the cost of this subsidy. In aggregate statistics, the average subsidy in 2015 was 2.4 yuan/Wh, in 2016 it was 2.1 yuan/Wh, in 2017 it was 1.7 yuan/Wh, and in 2018 it was 1.35-1.45 yuan/Wh.
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