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Amazon Will Install 20 MW Residential Solar Power Facility In UK

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-10-20 12:47:43
Industry giant Amazon will install a 20 MW residential solar power facility in its UK distribution center over the next 18 months and deploy a battery energy storage system that provides local flexibility.

In July of this year, Amazon has submitted planning documents for new projects at its three distribution centers with a total installed capacity of 3MW. A month later, the company installed a 3.77MW Tesla energy storage battery for its 4MW residential solar power facility.
Amazon Will Install 20 MW Residential Solar Power Facility In UK
Amazon has now fully announced its plans to install solar power generator solar power and energy storage systems in its 10 distribution centers, subject to planning and household approval. These projects will be developed and funded by Macquarie Investment Finance, part of Amazon's commitment to deploy solar power facilities in 50 distribution centers around the world by 2020.

Stefano Perego, Director of UK Operations for Amazon, said: “As our distribution network continues to expand, we want to work with community and business leaders to help produce more renewable energy in existing and new facilities around the world. We are taking our scale And a culture of innovation for sustainable development that benefits the environment, the business, the customers, and the communities we operate. By diversifying our energy portfolio, we can reduce business costs and save customers more money."

In addition, the deployed battery energy storage system will be used to allow Amazon to participate in energy demand management, frequency control and load management solutions. According to the company, battery energy storage systems will be charged when power demand is low and power the selected center when demand and energy prices are at their highest.

The news was announced during the “Green Britain Week” event, when several well-known companies including Amazon announced new initiatives to address climate change. These include the HSBC UK Pension Plan, which will invest £250 million in solar and wind power.
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