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Aluminum Plastic Lithium Battery Industry Chain

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 11:54:20

Diaphragm import substitution situation will still exist wet film + coating demand will increase


According to the domestic lithium battery capacity investment plan, with the new capacity of all production, is expected to add 4.778 billion square meters of the market. In 2015, China's lithium battery production of 628 million square meters, an increase of 49.5%, segment view, dry diaphragm shipping 390 million square meters, an increase of 33.1%; wet diaphragm shipping 238 million square meters, an increase of 90.5%. With the developing of lithium batteries, past many manufactures always use lead acid batteries in solar powered portable generator, while now they begin to take lithium batteries, like lifepo4 batteries as more lighter, more convenient.

 Aluminum Plastic Lithium Battery

Wet diaphragm growth rate is greater than dry, one is the rapid growth in demand in 2015, represented by BYD power battery business began to shift to the wet diaphragm. Ternary power batteries accounted for an increase in wet-coated diaphragm driven sales increase, the proportion of wet film coated diaphragm increased from 34% in 2014 to 2015 65%. Wet coating film will be the future trend.


Aluminum-plastic lithium battery industry chain of raw materials in another high-profit market can be expected


Due to quality and safety considerations, the current proportion of soft battery is rapidly increasing. The aluminum-plastic film is a flexible packaging lithium batteries, the key material packaging technology, the technical difficulty far more than the diaphragm, cathode, anode, electrolyte and other materials, gross margin as high as 60%.


With the rapid development of new energy automotive industry chain and the release of new lithium battery production capacity, the future of lithium aluminum plastic film bag will also rapidly enhance the demand for a huge market space. According to the current lithium battery production process to NCM, for example, 1Gwh battery will need up to 1.63 million square meters of aluminum-plastic film. Now more soft batteries take lithium aluminum plastic, then combine a lifepo4 battery pack with smart BMS, with communication function in storage systems.


Assuming that the future investment in new lithium battery production line 50% of the soft battery, the annual increase in demand for aluminum plastic film will be more than 120 million square meters, the market value will exceed 2.5 billion, when the total market capacity will exceed 5 billion yuan.


The production process by the technical constraints, the current global lithium battery with aluminum-plastic laminating manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan and South Korea. At present, domestic enterprises demand about 4.5 million square meters / month, which is dominated by DNP, Showa Denko and Toppan Printing, and the foreign dependence is more than 90%. The import substitution pattern of the product will exist in a certain period of time.


Risk warning


Policy and new projects to build lithium batteries less than expected; subsidies after the slope, the pure electric vehicles and hybrid production and sales volume changes.

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