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Aluminum Plastic Film Demand Continued to Strengthen

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-25 15:43:07

Aluminum foil is a variety of plastics and adhesives (including adhesive resin) composite material, is a soft pack lithium battery core packaging material, single-chip battery After the assembly with aluminum-plastic film seal, from the role of protecting the contents.


Currently on the market there are steel, aluminum, plastic shell and other lithium battery packaging materials, but the aluminum-plastic film with its light weight, thin thickness, shape design flexibility, made of flexible battery can be placed 360 degrees arbitrarily placed advantages, like our lifepo4 battery pack take aluminum-plastic film, the weight is much lighter than steel film, in the 3C electronics and many other fields have been widely used.

 Aluminum Battery

Because of the internal material directly connected with the battery, so the electrolyte will be infiltrated into the inner layer of aluminum-plastic film, it requires the following properties: 1) high barrier properties; 2) good heat sealing performance; Layer material resistant to electrolyte and strong acid, not with the electrolyte reaction; 4) good ductility, flexibility and mechanical strength.


In addition, the flexible packaging materials can also resist the organic electrolyte solvent swelling, dissolution, absorption, while also ensuring strict oxygen, moisture barrier. Because the aluminum plastic film material design, manufacture and application of technology and ordinary composite packaging materials are qualitatively different, is the lithium battery industry to solve one of the three major technical problems. It is always used in our solar power generator.


At the same time, the development direction of lithium batteries, one is small, thin, to meet the needs of consumer electronics products; Second, high-capacity, high-power charge and discharge, mainly used in power, energy storage.


The former requires aluminum plastic film to ensure water, oxygen and other barrier properties to the thin, flexible direction, which requires aluminum plastic film has a higher mechanical strength, higher barrier and longer life. Aluminum-plastic film is a soft-pack lithium battery preparation of the last process, a great impact on battery performance.


Aluminum-plastic film mainly consists of nylon layer (On layer), then layer, aluminum foil layer (Al layer), and CPP (cast or unstretched polypropylene) layer or PP layer.

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