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Alta Devices Announces Fourth-Generation Solar Cell Technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-05-05 12:54:45
Alta Devices announced the release of fourth-generation solar cell technology (Gen4), which weighs much less than the third-generation technology and has a power-to-weight ratio of 160%.

For future unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), solar cars, and other electric vehicles, this technology is of great significance, and can generate a large amount of electricity on a small surface, with minimal impact on vehicle design standards.
Alta Devices Announces Fourth-Generation Solar Cell Technology
Alta's solar technology can be easily integrated into drones or vehicle surfaces without affecting aerodynamic performance.

Compared with the previous generation technology, from the performance of solar cells, Alta's Gen4 new technology can achieve a weight reduction of 40%. This Gen4 solar cell can also be used to provide power for drones, cars, sensors and other devices.

The product is a lightweight, flexible solar cell manufactured using single-junction GaAs technology. The company is striving to reduce its product thickness while improving its electrical performance. Its product technology is positive. Gen4 transformation. This helps to reduce the thickness of the Gen4 battery. After integrating the product into a solar car and drone platform, it can be made smoother and more aerodynamic.

Alta Equipment has performed well in breaking through the performance of single-junction solar cells and solar modules, and has recorded industry records since 2010. In addition, since 2012, no other company has broken its single-junction solar cell energy efficiency record (28.8%).
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