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Advanced Solar PV Module Expects To 38 Billion Annual Revenues

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-30 07:54:09
Advanced Solar PV Module Expects To 38 Billion Annual RevenuesNavigant Research, the global clean technology research institute, has released its next-generation solar PV module, which reports that by 2025, Advanced Solar PV Module is expected to generate annual revenues of $ 38 billion.

Report that in 2012-2015, solar PV module production capacity stable at around 70 GW, the actual production capacity from 32 GW to 60 GW, leading to first-line solar PV module manufacturers increased profits, supply and demand balance tightened.

Therefore, Navigant Research believes that "manufacturers have the opportunity to avoid, or at least temporarily to avoid the commercialization of the PV module market."

The report pointed out that in 2016, the global advanced solar powered portable generator PV module revenue will be more than 3 billion US dollars, is expected to 2025 this data will reach 38 billion US dollars.

"The deployment of new technologies in the advanced solar PV market is necessary to achieve grid parity and reduce solar costs in more parts of the world," said Roberto Rodriguez Labastida, senior research analyst at Navigant Research. "For manufacturers and the industry as a whole, It is most important to reduce costs and achieve grid parity while keeping important manufacturers in negative territory. "
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