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Advanced Consumer-Grade Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 10:55:04

Remember that we give Shanghai Disney "recommended" energy tiles it? From a professional point of view, this is a new type of battery - flywheel battery (flywheel battery is a new concept of the 20th century, the battery made in the 1990s, it broke through the limitations of chemical batteries, physical methods to achieve energy storage).


More and more new batteries, but also to understand today's smart devices, "pressing need," Take the phone, for example, if it is dead, it is shaped like a tile. To this end, researchers and hardware manufacturers in the battery materials, technical efforts, hoping to tap a better battery materials, but also hope to make the battery capacity bigger, so that life is better. Today, we will rise up position, look at these magical batteries.


Ultra-light photovoltaic solar power batteries


As we all know, the size of the battery limits the size of smart phone, computer, wearable devices.

An ultra-lightweight photovoltaic cell is already available, it makes those so-called battery limits have become nonsense. Because of its features in addition to light or light, light to put it on the bubble.


Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that the core of manufacturing the battery technology, rather than material. They are the battery, substrate and protective layer in the same process to achieve, so as to avoid dust intrusion.


A flexible polymer called parylene is used as a substrate and a protective coating, while the main absorber layer is made of an organic material called dibutyl phthalate. Moreover, the whole process is done at room temperature in vacuum, without the use of any chemical solvents or irritating chemicals.


When we are all focused on the endurance capacity, attention to the battery's volume is also a new extension point.


The battery is very light, the scope is also very wide, such as embedded in clothes or notebooks, such as space or high altitude environment, and it can be used as a simple expansion of existing equipment.


Flexible solar cells


Traditional inorganic photovoltaic devices (solar cells in solar power generator) is nothing new, but it must be processed into a hard plate-like objects in order to absorb large areas of solar energy, which obviously limits the daily application. The flexible components are lightweight and can be folded, curled, and pasted on curved surfaces, such as automotive glass, roofs, clothing, and the like.


If flexible solar cells become a reality, wearable equipment will become more perfect.


At present, from China, the United States and South Korea, scientists have developed a similar battery, it can be arbitrarily changed shape to adapt to different devices.


University of Science and Technology of China, Professor Xiong Yujie group based on the application of a wide range of semiconductor silicon materials, the use of metal nanostructures of the hot electron injection method, designed in the near infrared region for photoelectric conversion and mechanical flexibility of solar cells.


Xiong Yujie group will have near-infrared absorption properties of silver nanoplates and silicon nanowires integrated together to build two different photovoltaic devices, in the near infrared light, silver nano-chip generated by the hot electrons can be directly injected into the silicon semiconductor , And the photoelectric conversion efficiency in the near infrared region was increased by 59%.


This flexible battery can be installed on your skin, at any time for the wearable device to provide sufficient power. The results are expected to be used for the development of intelligent temperature control solar cells in solar generator and wearable solar cells.

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